Friday, 10 September 2010

Hello, Joe!

Thud, my e-friend and fellow MWFTW author, wrote an article, below.  My IRL friend and gaming buddy Joe, aka Death Korps of War, wrote an essay in the comment section, that I considered copy/pasting, but decided it wouldn't hurt you to reread Thud's article in concert with this.  :p

This is my response to said comments (apologies for order, I scrolled up from the bottom of the thread.)

'Fraid we have a disconnect there Joe.
Firstly, a player's army list isn't a small part of the game.  For the kind of player who can field 10k of models+, like you or I, sure, it has lesser import - but a lot of thee people can only afford one army.  It is therefore very important that people who advise them to waste their money on shit units, leading to them potentially quitting the Hobby, get shouted down.

Players that moan constantly about other players using 'cheesy' 'broken' 'beardy' etc units and comboes are WAAC players without the guts to properly cheat - they care about winning more than any other aspect of the game, but are ashamed to admit this is the case - notice ho they don't complain when they win?  This is because they invest too much of their self-esteem into a game of toy soldiers, and cannot stand to be shown that they actually aren't very good at it after all.

It would be a terrible shame if Thud, Kirby, AbusePuppy, and people like them - people willing and able to give genuine and adequate advice, stopped doing so.  If this were to happen then the number of people who were trying no NOT be shit at the game would have no method of receiving good advice, save the Blogosphere - and there is more bad than good on Blogs overall.  Again, these people are than liable to quit the game, because if I spend £500 quid and lose every game, I'm not risking any more money when maybe it's just me.  I'll never get the chance to learn that it's actually the shit advice I'm being supplied with, because my opponents aren't morons.

Just because a unit works for someone somewhere means literally NOTHING.  You know I'm better than most of the players we know - I could take shitty units (and have, before, plenty of times) and beat the majority of them.  Doesn't in ANY way make those units good or even better.  It's just meaningless personal experience, that needs backed up by theory and extensive playtesting to become reasonable to accept.  Essentially, as an example - afaik, Stelek, Chumbalaya, Mercer, Danny Internets, Kirby and myself, decided Orks are sub-par, with none of us ever having met another, and spanning 3 continents.  The fact that we all came to the same conclusions through our personal experience means a lot more than one Keyboard Warrior screaming that Orks are teh awesomes.  Even where we are outnumbered - the fact that we all independently come to this conclusion means there must be something in it - and this is verified by the fact that, otherwise, we have a clear understanding of the game.

Most of these people are NOT learning.  They are stagnating, treading water.  What's more, they are determined to keep as many other players down at their level as possible so they never have to improve.  When they realise they are losing this fight, they resort to pejoratives, such as 'cheesy' etc, in order to try and force compliance with their mandates through guilt and peer pressure.  Thud doesn't bash people ASKING for advice, he provides a solid service to them.  It's the people who PROVIDE 'advice' that attract his (rightful, imo) ire.

I hope that answers your concerns.


Sadly, I couldn't get a pic for 'Hello Joe', so that was the best Simpsons pic I found in a minute of searching.  Stoopid Jessica Simpson too up most of my screen, UNINTENTIONALLY, thanks.  If you require a refresher, the only vid that came up was this crap here -

Really, it IS crap.
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