Tuesday, 14 September 2010



Halo Reach, Limited Edition, bought at 00:00 last night! (For those non-UK readers [the majority, fyi] that means a bit over 12 1/2 hours ago!)

Played it for about 5 hours before I simply HAD to go to sleep... :( - But it looks great, gameplay is good, kinda like a great mix of ODST and 3...obviously the graphical quality is great, the bits where you aren't on foot are schweeet...

If you were thinking about buying it, do so.

Also, any of you with free 48 Hour Gold Memberships that you don't need, because you subscribe anyway?


Well, you know my email address right? And how to get the special one-use code? lol

Much Love,



PS - Surely, SURELY you expected a video unrelated to the game? :p
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