Thursday, 7 October 2010

So, new Dark Eldar, huh?

They look really sweet, don't they?  That question is rhetorical, don't feel you have to answer...

Anyway, having had a good look at these awesome figures, without even having seen the rules, I know I just have to have some.  Which is good, since I haven't even considered playing the game since Reach came out.  I mean, sure, I've thought about painting a bit, but haven't done any.  It's a shame, but, to be honest, I'm not that fussed right now.  Reach is a really solid game, and I'm having a lot of, I'd really love to actually get all of the Achievements in a game before they screw it up with DLC Achievements...since that's not something I have ever achieved.  (Admittedly, I haven't really put much effort into trying...)

Either way, that's academic.

Most of my free time right now is spent trying to get that elusive Major 1 Promotion, and then progress to Lt. Colonel so the final rank-based Achievement is mine, and hopefully snag the two Legendary Completion ones at the same time.  Fuck knows how I'm going to kill the Corvette quickly enough, but I has a theory...

As a result, my output of articles isn't gonig to see a drastic riuse any time soon.  It'd be great if my compadres could put stuff up, such as that unfinished article by MoD...but if you guys are busy with your lives, I get it.  Hopefully I will get my greasy mitts off the 360 Controller and onto a DE Codex soon, and it will inspire me to immediately purchase and build an army.  Well...not that I WANT to spend £500 in one go... :-/

Anyway, this has been an update on things chez TKE.

Also, Darkwynn is a Kill-Stealer.  That is all.  :p
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