Saturday, 9 October 2010

Oh, yeah, one other thing...

I also registered for a kinda Doubles League that will be running at Queens University Dragonslayers for the next 'x' months (&/8...I'm not sure.  About that.)

One game a month, and if my teammate doesn't show for any reason, I'm allowed to play al 2k alone, instead of half it... :-/

Weird, huh?

I know, I still hate Doubles just as much, but this isn't in any way something I'm taking seriously or competitively. This is just the best way to encourage me to dust off the cobwebs and do some damn 40k!  Hopefully it'll be a laugh too, playing against all the intermittently improving armies around here, lol.  Finally, it gives me a chance to use my Eldar for longer, as we are locked into the Codex we pick at the start.

I haven't declared which one I'm playing...but if it IS Eldar, then at least I know I won't get much more outclassed between now and then.

Sad times though, Raymond wouldn't allow me to use the TyranOrks in the event...I should really get around to converting those...and Project Icarus, which i haven't forgotten, per se...just maybe lost a bit of interest in, in all honesty.

Since I'm (finally!) going to play my first YGO Tournament since starting playing again (provided I wake up early enough...) tomorrow, hopefully that will get the real competitive juices flowing, and help me put together Spess , or IG.  ...Oh, and I keep meaning to replace my old Fire Prisms... Should really get around to that...
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