Sunday, 31 October 2010

Getting back into the groove...

As I said previously, my bff mark and I have signed up to a 40k league (IRL BFF, not e-BFF, who is, ofc Chumby) - and our first match up was last Tuesday, against the IG team, headlined with infrequent commentator here Death Korps of War.

Despite a hard fought scrum that they should have won convincingly, Mark managed to scrape the victory, primarily on the final turn, the inherent resilience of the Spess Mehreens proving to much for IG, even at 1500.

Of course, if helped that I didn't play, because it was kinda meant to be doubles...with the points meant to be split between the two 1500, this is, frankly, ridiculous.  Getting two HQs wasn't, naturlich, a requirement, as it's all but impossible for many armies to do this, with or without achieving balance too.  I did wander over though, in intermissions in my rather poor showing at a concurrent YGO tournament, to offer up advice and helpful tips.  Or, sarcasm and witty banter.  Whatever you prefer to believe.

So, we won, although 'we' is really a bit of a misnomer.  I am, however, playing a game at Arkham Gaming Centre in Gleno (a nearby village, literally) with a friends's Tau tomorrow, against aforementioned Mark, and his Marines.  1750, so a proper bloody points level.  I'll let you know how the game goes, as I plan to take the camera and get some snaps.  Fair Warning - I've never used Tau.  lol  Should be interesting.  It'll be nice to get that monkey off my back, and have my first game in like 3 months.

Now, over to Thud for the weather.  Thud?
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