Monday, 20 December 2010

Community Posts of Note - Fritz 40K: Eldrad More Than Ever?

Fritz 40K: Eldrad More Than Ever?

Truly, excellent article, summing up the decision-making process between Eldrad and regular Farseers. It didn't mention that Eldrad also comes with a Power Weapon, for a tiny bit better CC if forced into a situation where he's in combat, and it didn't mention the incredibly difficult to quantify Divination ability...but still.

For the former, it's tricky - as much as you want the obvious benefit of having the PW, it isn't actually much of a benefit except that it allows him to hold his own against the odd Combat Squad long enough to kill a few and break them.

Divination is really useful for setting up Refused Flanks with decoys, but only if deploying first...and the fact you can't put things in Reserve with it is irritating. Overall, if going second it does nothing for you.
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