Friday, 31 December 2010

Quick Mention -

Those of you that don't already know, Dave Taylor is running a Competition HERE, and it involves writing a Steel Legion army list for 1500, 1750, 1850 and 3k points.

I've been a huge fan of Armageddon since the first Battle For Armageddon Scenarios book in the 2e box (or whatever that book was called!) and a HUGE fan of the Steel Legion since their first appearance proper in Codex:Armageddon in 2000(1999?2001? Whenever the hell it was??)

As a result, my free time is being spent on that, at the moment.  It's actually difficult to try and get everythnig I want without:

A) Using Vendettas/Valkyries - this is a Steel Legion PDF Regiment, not a flipping AirCav!
B) Using Ordnance of any kind, or other lumbering Behemoths - too slow!
C) Using units without proper Transportation, as this is a Fully Mechanised force.

While also:
A) Using a Commissar, as it's a rare SL Regiment without several
B) Squeezing in Armoured Sentinels, originally unique to the Steel Legion
C) Avoiding 9 Hydras, because that's probably undesirable for Competition purposes...and unrealistic Adeptus Munitorum planning right there.
D) Throwing in something 'Apocalypsey' or 'Spearheady' for that 3k total.

So, I will try and reply to emails and do other stuff tomorrow (though, technically, it's 1:30am, so I mean today, but I don't...I mean Friday.  Which starts for me when I wake up again.)

Meantimes, is it still Competitively viable to run a squadron of One Hellhound (Hull MM) with one Devil Dog (Hull HF) ??
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