Sunday, 2 January 2011

Level of Response

One thing I find very difficult dealing with people on the Internet I don't know, is how far to take my responses.

When you get to know people better, like, say, me with Farmpunk, Sandwyrm, MVB, Brent, Kirby, Stelek or Dethtron, I kinda know how far I can be abrasive without actually offending them - this is a good situation to be in - it's never (or rarely :p ) my intent to offend, and being able to say, earnestly "this army sucks" or, "that's kinda cheating" is reassuring.  Not too long ago, I criticised both Dethtron and Lauby's deployments in a Vassal game they had (although I found presenting a better one much more difficult on the map than in my head!) - but this was fine because they took it the right way.

Other internet personalities may not necessarily take me the right way (no homo) and certainly 'non-personalities' may take me too personally without me presenting myself any differently.  Case in point, I once criticised something Fritz did in a video BatRep (no clue what it was now, lol) and, while he saw my point, I was jumped upon in the comments.

The reason this comes to mind, is because I am watching a video batrep right now, and I think both armies deployments was abysmal...especially the platyer going second.  Target Priority and movement both bad, lists were bad too...but even with those and some admittedly poor luck (balanced by some good, to be fair!) I don't know how, how much, or even WHETHER to go for an attempt to commentate.

I'm not going to shame the players involved by linking it, and, with them being in the UK, I certainly don't want to start any Ego-Wars or Penis Comparisons, because one of us could easily fly to the other and I might lose out, despite being a better 40k player! ;-)  Mostly, I jest, but I have no intention of pissing them off.

What do yuo suggest?

Should I be brutally honest with them?  I can do this IRL much more easily, because they can hear my tone etc and not think I'm being patronising, even if I am.  It's not worth a flight (even if I found out their club etc) to try and remonstrate, so demonstrate? Do I pack my case and fly over to teach them a wargaming lesson? Well, I still haven't go any ID, because I'm ridiculously lazy and cannot fly without it...but flying to them to prove my superiority so they take my advice? Ridiculous, expensive (even by this Hobby's standards!) and a bit pathetic.

Where do I start (IF I do) in trying to help these players?

I wouldn't have this issue so much if one didn't play Eldar (badly...)

NOTE - If either of the people involved happen to read this, please note the tone and consideration of the post, rather than storming into your comments.  If friends of the people involved read this, don't feel torn over telling them - either don't in case it DOES hurt their feelings, or DO, because it's better they read it themselves than overhear a half-true version of how I was slagging them off.

The way I see it, if you care enough to have a blog about it, and BatReps on the blog, then you care enough to appreciate help, even if you don't appreciate being told you need it.

 - And, no, before any of you start, the Eldar player isn't Fritz, Blackmoor, Reecius or anyone else who ISN'T BRITISH.  lol
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