Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year!

So my 40k/Blogging year in review.

It started off with me building Imperial Guard Veterans, and preparing (slowly) for Q-Con 2010, in which I used my Scythes of The Emperor.  In March, I returned to the blogosphere, filled with a passionate sense that you needed me to right your wrongs and such...or maybe it was just the best way to galvanise myself into getting more modelling done.  Either way...[Not that I wasn't wrong myself on a few things]

At some stage, I got enough done that I could sit on my hands a bit...and I got bored of just working on one project.  Plus, I ranted a bit.  I changed the look of Mind War.  I started pointing out things within the Blogosphere that I felt didn't get as much attention as they deserved, and editorialised on a few.

I started a BA Review, that never really got finished.  :(
I pissed off several at the ETC.  :(
The Heresy News Network came...and went...

I played Q-Con - the Team Tournament went worse than I thought but also better.
Like so many other things, my review of the event never got finished.

I got a couple of new authors in...both of whom feature in my Google Stats Top Ten.
House of Paincakes started up...and I did a triple snowmobile very much in the mentality of the founders.
GW did a new Rulebook FAQ, that I love...
And I tried Tau out a couple times.

I started three new series of articles - all of which I intend to continue long into the new year.
I tried a new idea for Orks...and that pretty much brings us to now.

I'm moving house next week, and that's a pain for Hobby and Blogging.

I have an article in the works for Bald and Screaming that Brent likes, and an article on Brent that screams...or something...for the HoP (note to self, tell respective blog owners about the articles you're forcing upon them...)  I've promised Kirby an article too, though I don't know what he wants from me exactly, I'll figure something out.  Just avoid swearing and it'll be grand.

Hobby-wise, I have no real proper irons in the fire.  I need to get working on some Eldar, I need to replace my Prisms for the end of Jan, and paint more Dire Avengers, as I don't like some of the ones I use now.  I also need to get Eldrad a fitting base.  :(


Happy New Year to all!

PS - I didn't forget my other authors, Zenos and Winterous, but iirc you both signed on last year, so... :p

BroLo and MoD don't get mentions until either of them puts up an article that (the former) is a second article.  :p or (the latter) has more content than youtube videos.  hahahahahaahaha
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