Monday, 29 November 2010

Totally Fluffy World Eater List One

So, over on the new YTTH Forums, there's a discussion taking place about using the Blood Angels Codex to represent a World Eater force...those dirty traitors get everywhere, huh?

Since I was recently asked (again) for my take on Alpha Legion, figured I would deal with this too, my own way.  Time for a list built more for slavish devotion to a theme than true Competitiveness...

First thing we have to get, is that 'Chaos feel' - we have to make the list about something Chaos has going for it...and we have to make it based around the XII Legion...ignoring, of course, the fact that they no longer fight as a coherent force and are instead scattered across a multitude of warbands, roving through space around the major Warp incursions...*ahem* - let's set this before Skalathrax, huh?

Now, there are two real ways I could do this, hence the 'One' in the title.  Part Two is forthcoming, maybe in 2 days? Can't post too regularly, you guys would never see half of them.  lol

This the cheapest, financially, of those ways.

Troops, we take squads of 10 Assault Marines.  Well, of course we do.

10 Assault Marines:
Meltagun, Meltagun, Infernus Pistol, Power Fist - 250 points.

Ouch.  Heavy investment, for one unit of Troops especially...but necessary, IMO.  We will, as you will see, absolutely NEED to kill Tanks, and Fists are for when we inevitably hit CC.

Speaking of, we need a Dedicated way to get there.  So, time for that 'Chaos Feel'...

Land Raider:
Multi-Melta, - 260

I know, I know, but the 'Zerks must reach the enemy, and this is the coolest way to do so.  Of course it would be better to taker Crusaders, but until they are retconned into Heresy battles, no dice.

Okay, with those, that sadly restricts us to only 3 Troops choices.  Time to make them more Khornate?  Yeah...

Disciple of the Blood God:
Blood Chalice, Power Weapon - 65

So, we need at least 3 of these guys, to go in our Raiders.

That takes us to (510+510+510+65+65+65) 1725 point spent.  Yowza.  Literally, we have 3 units to deploy.

Well, next (and likely, last!) we need some sort of HQ, something Khornate to lead the forces of Khorne into glorious battle.  Khorne.

Screw it, let's take Seth.  Why the hell not.  Well, there are several good reasons, not least of which that it makes the opponent's Target Priority very easy indeed...but it's not like we could swamp them with threats as is.

Finally, you can choose for yourself which is better, I frankly have no idea.  Either a Dread with MM and Autocannon, or a squad of Devs with 2 MMs/MLs.

Makes little difference, IMO.

In summary, this is what happens when you try a World Eater Raider Rush, like they did back in the Heresy...

Gabriel Seth - 160

Sanguinary Priest:
Power Weapon - 65

Sanguinary Priest:
Power Weapon - 65

Sanguinary Priest:
Power Weapon - 65

Assault Squad:
2 Meltaguns, Infernus Pistol, Power Fist, Land Raider [Multi-Melta] - 510

Assault Squad:
2 Meltaguns, Infernus Pistol, Power Fist, Land Raider [Multi-Melta] - 510

Assault Squad:
2 Meltaguns, Infernus Pistol, Power Fist, Land Raider [Multi-Melta] - 510

Multi-Melta, Autocannon - 110

TOTAL: 1995

Now, I understand there is a requirement almost, for Khorne to have Psy Defence, to represent his abhorrence of witchcraft, and things like Collars of Khorne that represent that mechanically (in some editions...) At the same time, you have to understand these are not World Eater specific things, whereas the existing fluff we have for them DEFINITELY suggests large, overwhelmingly bloodthirsty leader-types who fight even more on the front lines than the average Marine leader.  So, I chose Seth.  Librarians, to represent the Collar of Khorne-bearing Champions that would inevitably be more successful than their unprotected brethren are just as viable, it simply takes a bit more imagination.  In a game of toy soldiers, there SHOULD be plenty to spare.  lol
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