Friday, 26 November 2010

Happy Thingsgiving!

Heh, I totally stole this article idea from Brent over at Strictly Average, and a multitude of others, that literary whore.  On a side note - why the hell is Thanksgiving so close to Xmas? Makes no sense.  Of course, since Christmas is only there to hijack the Winter Solstice, yadda yadda, we can blame it AT LEAST as much.


This year has been a very mixed bag for me.  In one very real sense I feel this year has been wasted...but that's not fair, and doesn't tell the whole story.

At the start of the year, you may recall, I wasn't around t'internet much.  I had experienced a very irritating Epic Failure of my Router, then my laptop days after our new Router FINALLY arrived went Kaput, and I had an unfortunate 6-month hiatus from the Blogosphere.  It wasn't all bad, as I slept better not up to all hours reading YTTH's deluge of posts and comments, and got a lot more playing of my XBox360 in, in particular ODST, a game I very much enjoyed, despite plenty of internet naysayers (that I read about afterwards, lol)

Point being, my hugely celebrated (in my head) return to the Blogosphere was this year, so there's that.  The 'waste' parts more cover my IRL-life, where I missed out on a golden opportunity (or, I think I did.  You'd have to ask her) and that colours my perceptions somewhat.  I DID make new friends this year, and got back in touch with some old ones.  I may be moving, but in a good way, not like poor Chumby (hope you get sorted soon man, your absence is keenly felt!) and playing YGO again, while TERRIBLE for my wallet, is good for my 40k, in that it removes the pressure somewhat for games to be competitive, as I have a truly competitive game and environment available.  It has also seen my 40k spending hit virtually nil - which is good for both my wallet and my limited space.

I still have a long way to go to feel completely on top of everything (or at least, everything in my life I feel I CAN control) but I'm moving in the right direction - so less haste more speed perhaps.

I'm blogging semi-regularly again...I know I'll never be as prolific as Kirbs, but I should be more prolific than I am.

Finally, several of my dreams are still intact - and while they haven't been realised, that's still a victory in my book.

A huge thanks to all my readers, especially those who take the time to comment on my articles.  Special thanks go to Farmpunk and Sandwyrm, who for a time where the only people who EVER seemed to comment (that belongs in last year, but I didn't do this then) - I hope all of my Followers continue to see things that led them to subscribe in the first place, and I hope that I get more Followers. Primarily because there are more than 130 people in the world who could benefit from what I have to say, but also to increase the number of comments.  While I appreciate you want me to type what *I* want to type, hearing you like such-and-such an article galvanises me to type more more regularly.

Who knows, maybe this year will finish on the high I can see as a possibility.

I hope everyone else has had at least as good a year as me.

While I don't believe in any sort of deity to actually give thanks *to*, I'm glad that things aren't worse than they are, and I'd like to say thanks to all the positive people in my life, IRL or online.  You know who you are...and if you aren't sure, then you're probably included anyway.  :)
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