Friday, 6 August 2010

How To Convert A Renegade Guardsman

Hey all, ItsPug here!

Today I'll be doing a 'How to' on how I converted my renegade Imperial Guard regiment, the Verratian 3rd Infantry, who worship Khorne.

I used the IA6 Servants of Slaughter list to plan out my force and to get the character and then transferred what I could across to the Imperial Guard codex, the reason for this was that I get to play the majority of my games at tournaments, which unfortunately do not support IA rules or lists.

What You Will Need

Cadian Legs
Cadian Torso
Cadian Arms (Not shown as I used my autogun arms from a previous article)
Space Marine Large Ammo Pack
Space Marine Small Ammo Pack
2 Grenades
Necron Head
0.8mm Plastic Rod

Step 1 - Torso and Webbing

Using a file carefully remove the pectorals and the aquila from the front of the torso leaving a flat plate. Remove the knob on the back of the armour. At this point you should attach the torso to the legs and attach the arms, your next step is to build up the webbing that the soldier carries into battle, the first stage requires you to place the small ammo pack against the belt on the rear of the miniature. Once this has set, glue the large ammo pack directly above it on the warrior's back and the grenades either side of the small ammo pack.

Step 2 - Head

I used a Necron head to represent a skull mask on my renegades, the first stage was to file down the length of jaw to a more reasonable level and round off the edges. Now as there is no neck on the Necron head you will need to use a small bit of greenstuff to build one. Simply place a small ball into the neck of the torso and carefully press the Necron head into this, using a modelling tool to remove any excess and shape the greenstuff. To make the Necron head look more like a mask I used two pieces of 0.8mm plastic rod on either side of the jaw to give the impression that this is a gas mask.

Step 3 - Arms

Carefully remove the shoulder pads from the arm set, you can do this either with a hobby knife or by filing the shoulder pads down. To make the lasgun into an autogun follow these instructions, attach the arms to the torso and the model is finally ready for a lick of paint.
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