Monday, 23 August 2010

House of PAIN (Cakes)

What? What is that funky new logo on the left? The one that takes you on a journey across the interwebs when you click it, to a land of magical fun and fluffy bunnies*?

That, dear sirs and possibly madam, is a link to a brand spanking new Blog Network, set up by everyone's favourite FNIFer, and his compadre, the most Industrious of bloggers around**.

Go, check out the Vision (no, not the Avenger), read, sample, enjoy, return after bookmarking it, wonder what articles I have half-baked for my whirlwind of a return.

For those of you that care enough, I get the boat back to Norn Iron at 8PM tomorrow, which is in roughly 30 and a half hours.  EXCITING! I plan to use most of my travel time beginning/working on the Triple-Snowmobile I promised, and I still have 2/3 of an article I promised Danny DaVinci ages ago to finish.  I also have an article on this week's (yeah, okay, LAST week...) major topic of choice, Competitive and Hobbyist Gamers.  But, it IS only 1 1/2 paragraphs plenty still to do there. :-/


* - Not to be confused with Fluff Bunnies, Muff Bunnies, or Snuff Bunnies.

** - By NOW I surely don't need to link Dethtron and Lauby, do I?
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