Friday, 20 August 2010

A quick note on Stelek's 5x5 system...

NB - I plan to add more to this post later, just kinda a placeholder.

Anyway - here's the latest thing he's advocating.  Instead of the previous system which, as I understood it, had the opponent pick 5 of your units at deployment (after seeing list, but before models were placed) and these were the ones they could claim a KP for eliminating.  Fine and dandy, no? Yes, yes, there's that whole 'benefits MSU' thing, but, really, it doesn't matter, because MSU is just better generally.

Now, however, he posits picking them from your own list, and at the List Building stage.

This is a dumb idea, sorry to say.

Too open to abuse - it'd be very easy indeed to bring multiple copies of the army list, with different units listed as being KP-worthy...ugh.  It's even easier than the most prolific cheating I am aware of, that of moving over the distance you are allowed.  Seriously, I think GW should sell T-Shirts to demonstrate moving front of base to front of base, not front to back.  Sigh.

In fairness, I haven't GOT a system I've invented that I think perfect for Competitive play.  But I don't really think I like this one.

That's all for now.
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