Friday, 25 February 2011

Internet Still Not Attached, News At 11!


Basically, that sums it up.

It SHOULD be up on the 7th March, so I may be able to start putting articles up again properly then.

In the meantime, what I'm doing is playing against mediocre (being polite) lists, mostly.  I like to think of it as teaching, because the result is never important, and getting it little fun - just the company of the people involved makes it worthwhile.  (Obviously I exclude Dominion Day from that assessment!)
That and building Orks to replace my Rogue Trader and 2e Boyz I've been using for the past decade or so.

It's possible that I will actually move on to building Imperial forces *gasp* and that would possibly allow me to really finish an Imperial army!

In addition, I have been working on a Tourny pack, as I would rather like to run an event of my own and am working on sorting that out.  At present looking towards a 8-person, 3-game of course, but not really following the exactitudes of either MVB or Sandwyrm's systems.  It may be worse, but it could equally be as good or better, and I'm more than happy to let people make that subjective assessment for themselves, by posting it when done! :)

As regards WarpCon and Dominion Day BatReps?

Well, I have a TON of photos and even some video of those, so hopefully I will remember/recreate enough of those games from my notes, and we can have a couple weeks of those.  It's always difficult to judge article spacing, because so few of you comment :p but I'm sure I will find out if they're too thick and fast.  I also have a couple pre-WarpCon Tau BatReps never done/completed, so I can do very brief overviews of those as appetisers.

Any comments regarding article spacing are particularly welcome.
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