Saturday, 12 March 2011

Grey Knights and Inquisition.... never the twain to meet?

One of the things that has interested me since the announcement of the new GK codex are the scenario's that are now playing out in my mind for my own established Inquisitorial Army.

I have not read the new dex as yet, admittedly, but with a push toward now full GK armies, it interests me to see what role Inquisitors and the rest of the Inquisition will now play in both competitive and casual play.

From my own limited thoughts so far the following strike me.

Sternguard Ordo Xenos to the rescue! Saving fluffy animals since 1999!

1). GW continues to ignore the Hereticus and Xenos arms of the Inquisition to the stage from a marketing perspective it appears silly. Any SM player whether 12 or 35 would grab an option to field a deathwatch team probably. The fact that GW have already the heads, armor shoulder pad sculpts and weapons in their armory literally makes little sense to me. What does one codex entry with a side note stating they are classed as..... can be used by an SM army as a 0-1 choice as elite really cost them? Nothing. I can understand their may be balance issues. But the reality is, deathwatch could easily be fielded as Sternguard anyway. Why not do an entry for them in the codex literally to raise sales? 

Space Marine Scout Sgt Count as? Possible. Competitive? Probably not!

2). Those Stormtroopers are gathering dust. I am probably one of the last people to play using Stormtroopers in both IG and Daemonhunters. I wrote an article here ages ago about how the current ones were not so bad. But it amazes me that GW would not do them as a stock standard troop choice for GK. After all, what do they have to do? Again its a few lines of text to keep a considerable fan base happy and allows those figures to continue to sell, even the boxed cadian ones! So again I am at a loss to work out why GW would not do it. Even simply again to continue to market to a larger audience.

So what are your options if your still stuck in 2003 like I am?

1). Field Stormtroopers as Scouts as a Count as SM army. Shotguns are standard, hot shot las guns as bolters, they come with the same armor. Similar heavy weapon types. A bit of creativity and you could do it. Same with those of us who still love to field the ancient Arbite figures!

2). Inquisitors as SM Libby's. Harder to do. But possible. The modeling concepts limit you a bit from the old range, but the DA Veteran stuff along with the new BA stuff mean you could model yourself a nice Inq count as in power armor. Or junior Inquisitors as leaders of SM scout squads counting as Scout Sgts? There are some potential possibilities there too.

Space Marine Librarian Wanabe? Hmmm wonder if the pay is better than a Inquisitor?

3). Sternguard as Ordo Xenos... possible and what I do now in 10 man squads. Pedro as a Ordo Xenos Captain perhaps. All you need to do is do some modeling on the BA Sanguinary guard arm for a Dorn's Arrow style affect, some nice robed body, and perhaps a nice banner?

 What are your thoughts? Is this the end of the Inquisition? or am I just beating a dead horse that has been dead for a long time?
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