Monday, 14 March 2011

Quick little post

Right well, set up that Twitter thing, as you may have seen already - and, as you do, I searched for #40k Tweets.  I came across this rather neat shorthanded army list, with a simple request for advice (not directed AT me, in case anyone thinks I think it was.  I don't.  Not EVERY request for help wants me.  lol)

" tourney next weekend and taking . 2x10 man gh with 2xmelta,fist droppod. 5x wg in lrc. Rp. 6xlf with ml. Advice"

I initially tried to respond via Twitter, but it was just too much hassle, tbh.  So, here we are.  Note well, faithful readers, I aim not to detract from the post below - go read it too!

As to this list... [1500 points, btw, as I correctly surmised from the contents, cos I'm awesome like that! ;) ]

The first, and most obvious issue, is that the list comes in 3 disparate waves - each consisting of a single unit.  Well, arguably, it's FOUR, but the odds of the Long Fangs closing on the enemy are rather slim.

While this may not seem so much of an issue at first glance, really - there are plenty of armies who can deal with (essentially) a Tactical Squad in their face, while ignoring the rest.  Killing a single Land Raider isn'ty hard for MOST armies, even at 1500 (railguns, Piranhas, Land Speeders, massed Dark Lances, ThunderWolves, suicide Melta units...the answers are many and varied.  Even if the LRC arrives unscathed, the issue will be that they are then facing most of the enbemy army alone, with the first Pod having been killed in fairly short order.

Sure, you can drop more defensively, but this leaves you little/no mobility for later in the game, and forces thme to sit on an objective all game.  Shifting a mere ten T4 3+ models isn't beyond any good army.

Gotta run, sadly - with more to say, as ever.  Any commenters, please - it'd be great, appreciate it. 

Cliff Notes:
Single Rocks (a solitary linchpin unit in the list) are bad as they can be easily evaded/dealt with by most 'hard' lists - even numbers of Drop Pods is bad, becasue it fails to take advantage (and therefore is hindered by) the Drop Pod Assault rule, only one unit of Fangs means killing max 2 targets/turn when better to suppress four.

Spelling will be atrocious, sorry - the computer is literally running so far behind the words I'm currently typing that I have no idea how garbled some of this will be.  I'm about 50-words ahead right now.  :(
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