Saturday, 19 February 2011

Live Blogging Event!!! (Please appreciate the fact that I'm actually paying for the privilege of emailing this in!!!)

Having arrived at Dominion Day, am now wandering about listening to other people's conversations, and enjoying the banter.

Gotta say, Stelek - you would HATE the height of some of this terrain. Fortress of Redemption, for instance. Virtually every table has Land Raider size cover (sucks for Tau!!) And most even have LOS block for them! :o

I admit, that's not ideal as far as I'm concerned, but its a relief that only one Landing Pad is being used, at least. Looks like this is going to be good, but I'm not promising a win! Lol

Free tea/coffee, banners on the wall (bedecked, indeed!) Screen with scores between rounds? Grand! Also, spot prizes include first to kill an HQ, and first to kill one of your own models. Should be lolworthy...
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