Thursday, 17 February 2011

So, my opponents this weekend...

I know, another tweet about this upcoming Tournament...what is this, a single issue blog? ;)

Johnny65 of the Northern Wasters very kindly emailed me to let me know the army lists had been posted up on Wargaming Ireland's Forum for all of this weekend's here -

As everyone's full name is included on the website and additionally will be in the Results, I figure I'm not stepping on any toes and breaching any confidentiality - but apologies if you didn't want your name splashed at the Shark Tank Denizens, given a fair few read my blog. Too late to take it down now! (Also, incredibly difficult to do by phone...I have so many blog posts that I can't really load the 'behind the scenes' pages on this crappy browser, meaning it's all but impossible)

Anyway, I have (ofc) studied everyone else's list intently, and there are a few I would sooner play (hello Land Raiders!) Than others (enemy Tau?!? :/ )

Overall, I think it should be a nice test, and I hope to do well, though I won't have time to produce my aforementioned FAQ Folder (I mentioned this, yes?)

I do feel it possible my relative lack of Tau experience will show and bone me a bit, but maybe I'll get lucky! Lol
Bit disconcerting though that I was halfway through my target priority planning when I realised I wasn't using my Chaos list, and there was no way for me to Lash the several inexplicably foot MEQs out of cover...

I also admit, with no-one having the cojones to use Eldar, I almost wish I hadn't rejected them so quickly. Some of those lists have little Psy-defence, and Nids hate RoWard. Although...I'd almost certainly have gone Double-Tarch anyway. And the ETC rulespack inexplicably bones the Autarch, by forcing you to choose before rolling ANY dice, and apply the bonus to all.

Anyway, thoughts on others' lists or whatever? Wouldn't reject any suggestions either... ;)
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