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Let's Get Specifical.

Righty-o, time to discuss the ETC rules again.

As you may know, I am going to Dominion Day IV in Ballymena this forthcoming weekend (note to self - pay for ticket!) and have been reading the ETC rulespack in preparation.  I know in advance a bunch of it I won't agree with (lol) and don't want caught unaware by some horseshit (no offence, but SOME of it plainly is.)

As a result, I thought I should take this opportunity to highlight things that are wrong/inconsistent/bizarre.

"1.2 Rules issues troubleshooting guidelines:
ETC Clarifications > English GW Official FAQs
> Codex > Main Rulebook. Beware that
clarifications are often relating to specific
gaming situations, wargear, abilities or units,
and will more often than not interact with
other rules. Beware of specific gaming
situations, wargear, abilities or units
governed by special rules, which are not
legitimately applied to others, being
exceptions to the standard rules."

While the DD Rulespack makes mention of the newer FAQs overriding older ETC rulings where a conflict exists, this is not reflected in the main ETC Rulepack.  While I assume it will be adhered to consistently, better to put it out there.  I have no doubt the ETC Rules will be updated to reflect some of the 'changes' and clarifications by GW's more recent works...I just hope they apply to all...

"-Large oval base (Valkyrie base): Valkyrie,
Vendetta, Stormraven, Tervigon, Trygon,
Mawlock, Tyrannofex.  "

 - I'm not sure where the Tyrannofex being in this category comes from...but this is comparatively minor.

"2.3 Players may only alter their models during the
game for aesthetic purposes. For all aspects of
gameplay a model must remain the same
dimensions for the entirety of the game, with the
exception of skimmer flying bases (see rulebook)."

 - This ruling therefore prevents players from opening the doors on their Drop Pods, making them a ridiculously good LoS buffer.  Dislike.

"3.3 Every unit which is neither a vehicle nor a
monstrous creature gets a 4+ cover save if
LOS to it goes through or crosses over a forest
base. Monstrous creatures and vehicles in the
same position get a 5+ cover save.  "

 - Polish Forest?  Fail.  Please just get with the program and adopt the actual BRB rules of 50%+.

"7.3 Embarked units failing Morale checks do
disembark and count the 2' disembarkation in
the distance fled.  "

 - What?  Just, what?  How the fuck does this happen?  NO rule in the game forces this.  Don't be silly, take this nonsense out.

"5.3 Deployment- If a vehicle is so large it
cannot totally fit onto the table when moving
onto the table at combat speed or is limited
due to terrain tests, it must use as much of
their speed as necessary to fully enter the
table. If they get immobilized due to terrain,
delay the effect until there effective entry on
the table."

 - Not so.  Vehicles Immob'd and therefore unable to enter are destroyed, along with any transportees.  Not huge either, but disappointing.

"9.3 A Jet Pack model can disembark from an
enclosed vehicle and still move 6 inches in the
Assault phase, provided it doesn’t actually declare
an assault. "

 - Really? Show me a Transport that can hold Jet Pack Jump Infantry.  :-/

"10. Wargear
10.1 Every model in Terminator Armour uses
Relentless universal special rule.
10.2 Every model in Terminator Armour has a
5+ invulnerable save.
10.3 All Meltaguns and Multi-Meltas use the
Melta rule from the rulebook.
10.4 All Plasma Guns, Plasma Pistols, Plasma
Cannons and Combi-Plasmas use the Gets hot!
rule from the rulebook.
10.5 All weapons described as sniper rifle use
sniper rules from the rulebook.
10.6 Smoke Launchers works as stated in said  
army's codex."

 - Huh?  Not really sure why this is even here.  Especially since 10.6 is now wrong.  I would hate a character to be released who's Plasma Pistol didn't overheat, and forced you to rewrite this... :s

And the Terminator bit isn't even correct, really.

"11.6 Independent characters in a unit not
enjoying the Turbobooster special rule cannot
leave it by turbo-boosting. "

 - I have no idea what the basis for this is supposed to be.  'Balance' I assume...Again, I feel it's unnecessary. Wholly unnecessary.

"1.1 If a unit arrives from reserve or outflank and is
not able to move onto the table due to enemy units
or impassable terrain, it cannot enter and goes
back to reserves. If the unit can't arrive before the
end of the game, it counts as destroyed."

 - As another one above, this has recently been completely overruled by GW.  Hopefully we shall see this done properly at DDIV, and at the 2011 ETC.

"2.3 A unit or walker that arrives from reserves or
outflank and moves into difficult terrain is always
allowed to move completely onto the table, even if
the allowed movement distance is too small."

 - See above.

"3.1 If a unit hides behind multiple types of cover,
use the cover save that the majority of ‘in cover’
models are in/behind. If there is no majority,
randomly determine which cover save to use."

 - For consistency, this should read 'Use the highest' - as with WS.

"6.3 Unless specified otherwise, only weapons
defined as a single-handed weapon that can be
used in close combat, along with ‘pistols’ and ‘close
combat weapons’, can be used to get the +1 attack
bonus for having two weapons."

 - No, anything that can be used in close combat is AUTOMATICALLY defined as 'single-handed' by virtue of being not defined as otherwise.  :-/

"1.2 A vehicle is not able to move laterally : it
must pivot and then move forward and
backward. Beware you cannot pivot above
other models if you're not a skimmer or a
vehicle in tank-shock mode (see also 1.1 and
 - Uhh...Skimmers?  Silly ruling, because it fails to differentiate properly between types of vehicle.  Quite clearly, Skimmers should be allowed to move laterally.

"3.6 Embarked models can shoot from fire
points if their transport used smoke launchers
that turn."
 - You know what I'm going to say.

"3.2 Chaos Dreadnoughts on fire frenzy may
rotate 360° towards any unit that might be
seen, not just those in the Dreadnought's fire
arcs before the rotation.  "

Ugh.  Complete bollocks.  Sigh.  :(

"2.8 Psychic Powers - If a Farseer casts
Fortune on a unit that he has joined at the
start of the turn and then decides to leave the
unit in the Movement Phase, the Fortune
remains on the unit it was originally cast on."

 - And the was cast upon the unit of Jetlocks and Farseer, and remains in play upon all those constituent parts.

There are a couple of other even more minor ones that are obsolete (and a chunk of BTs and DAs, ofc) and a LOT of typos...but that's the main issues.

Hopefully, this feedback will be taken on board.
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