Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Fire Warriors/The Gauss Rule - Interlude of an Interlude.

I'm right in the middle of typing another article, and suddenly, i'm thinking about Fire Warriors, and sometihng Kirby and I discussed last night, the prospect of making them Relentless.

Now, I hadn't actually thought of this, and the idea intriuiged me, so I didn't express much consternation - in the cold light of day, however, this seems like less of a good idea.

Firstly, they have a 30" range.  That makes it entirely possible to walk away, trying to keep 30" between them and the foe - not something I really like the idea of.  While I am as firm an advocate of Mechanised forces for 40k as anyone (the idea of fighting in the 41st Millennium on foot with swords is largely ridiculous, kthnxbai) I don't want to shit on Foot Armies that hard - having S5 that they will never get to reach before T4, that then moves forward and Double Taps them with 60+ S5 shots?  In addition to all the Heavy weaponry they dumped on you in preceding turns?  Ugh.

This also led me to thinking "But, Rick, you advocate the Necrons becoming Relentless.  How is this THAT different?"

Well, internal voice, it's like this.  The Necron Warriors would have Assault 1 18" guns, so they would be encouraged to...no...wait...that kinda works, and it's nice that Necrons would try desperately to stay out of combat...but it doesn't fit with the implacable advance they are supposed  to be making at you.

What if...

What if, the Gauss rule received a radical rewrite.

What if being Gauss carried a value, for instance, Gauss Rifles were [24" range] Gauss 5, and Heavy Gauss Cannons were Gauss 3 (Gauss Cannons being Gauss 4, Particle Whip could be Gauss 2)

This would then be broken down thusly - the Gauss Value would equate to the AP value of the weapon, but it would decrease for every 6" closer to the enemy.  This would mean Gauss Rifles at 24" would be the stated value, AP5, and at 12", when Tapping, it would be 12" closer, which is a value of 2 away from 5 = AP3 at 12" range.  Butchers Sisters of Battle, which is good, no?  Even better, if a Squad of Terminators was somehow 6" away and not in combat? (And didn't have Storm Shields...) Well, Double-Tapping with AP2 weapons = win, no Gets Hot to deal with.  Awesome.

This rule gives a CLEAR benefit and incentive for Necrons to advance upon the foe, which I love...the only question is - do they need to go down from 24" range anyway? Being able to reach out across the board for 3 turns as stuff advances is potentially 'urk'.

I'm not entirely sure how to use this rule to make them able to kill tanks with basic infantry though.  Considering something Vibro Cannon-esque, where a unit of Necron Warriors firing at a vehicle, the weapon's S become the number of models that hit.  Thoughts on either?
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