Sunday, 27 March 2011

Totally Fluffy: Scythes of The Emperor UnCompetitive List

This list is simply what I intend to gravitate towards when using my Scythes in a 2k Campaign-style game...I haven't aay such campaigns planned or anything, but this is going to be my display army for those occasions, or if I ever get around to buying proper glass cabinets.


Pedro Kantor: (To Represent Chapter Master Thorcyra.) - 175

Chaplain Cassius : (As fitting an anti-Tyranid character as there is.) - 125


Tactical Squad Venator:
Multi-Melta, Flamer, Rhino - 205

Tactical Squad Inimitor:
Multi-Melta, Flamer, Rhino - 205

Scout Squad 'Watchful Eye'
3 Sniper Rifles, Missile Launcher, Sergeant Telion - 135


Tyrannic War Veterans Prime:
10 Sternguard, 8 Combi-Meltas, 2 Heavy Flamer, Power Fist, Drop Pod. - 370

Tyrannic War Veterans Secundus:
5 Sternguard, 4 Combi-Plasmas, Lightning Claw, Razorback [Las/Plas] - 235

Terminator Assault Squad Novinox:
5 Thunder Hammer and Storm Shields - 200


Land Speeder Squadron Tempest:
One Land Speeder [MM, HF] - 70

Land Speeder Squadron Inferno:
One Land Speeder [MM, HF] - 70


Predator 'Hammer of Wrath' :
Autocannon, Heavy Bolters - 85

Vindicator 'Voice of The Emperor's Glory'
Siege Shield - 125

TOTAL: 2000

Obviously, the list lacks a bunch of critical elements for serious play, but it should certainly look the part, and sometimes that's what an army you build is supposed to do.

As far as building it goes, I'm about 65% done, which is nice - though there's a lot of work after that, especially painting bloody yellow! lol [Tips appreciated, because even though I have to use the same method now for consistency's sake, I'm planning a force of Imperial Fists also, so...]

Some elements of the list are going to be retained for the Competitive Scythes list, ie, the Troops and Fast Attack selections.  They're already Tabletop, though my Speeders maybe need some work, I've lost track of how many are painted to what degree.  Not convinced by the Predator, partly cos I hate and don't rate HBs, partly because I went to the trouble of converting 2 Riflemen, so I'd just employ those instead! lol
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