Friday, 8 April 2011

Oh, and speaking of Grey Knights...

I dunno if anyone's noticed (I imagine not) but there is actually no legal option in the Codex to take Purifiers as Troops...*INSERT OBLIGATORY NERD RAGE AND "WHAT YOU TALKIN' BOUT, WILLIS?" COMMENTS*

You see, the conventional theory is that you can take Castellan Crowe (aka, pay the Crowe Tax) and then select Purifiers, as they move from their Elite berth to the Troops section - where they become doubly valuable, despite ofc already being good.

This theory is predicated upon the grey box in the entry for Mr Garran Crowe (his first name is revealed in the Bestiary section...) - which says, and I quote - "In an army that includes Castellan Garran, Purifier Squads are Troops choices"

Huh? Says any of you still unsure as to why the rule 'Keeper of Anarch' does not function as intended?

"Castellan Garran"

Well, what is that when it's at home?

I looked and looked, but nowhere in the army list is such a unit listed, therefore it is impossible to take Purifiers as Troops gosh-darn it.


This is then to be added to the other things off the top of my head needing an FAQ in the GK book:

  • Explanation of how many Henchmen can be taken if Coteaz is included, and do they count towards FoC? ;
  • A line saying Mordak is a 1-model unit if no Ghost Knights are taken (people are silly) and that Ghost Knights can only be chosen with him.;
  • Does an Inquisitor REALLY have to replace a Nemesis Daemon Hammer (a Force Weapon) with a Force Sword if upgraded to a Psyker? ; 
  • Does a Dreadknight REALLY become Jump Infantry [with a Teleporter,] and therefore get to ride inside a Stormraven? ;
  • Can Jokaero increase the range of a Conversion Beamer? How does that work? ; 
  • With Jokaero 'Inconceivable Customisation', do you modify the roll based on the number in the unit when rolling again for a 'The Works' result?
  • How does it [Jokaero's Improved Gun Sights] interact with the 'Melta' Rule? ; 
  • Does Mordrak take Perils on behalf of Ghost Knights? Can he 'ignite' a power that is different from the Unit, as he is now an Upgrade Character?

Not a lot of issues, and no typos noticed, so that's a big plus.

May as well throw in outstanding BRB FAQ requirements:

Models without eyes are assumed to see from the 'front' of their head/helmet/sensory apparatus.  All infantry, Jump Infantry, Bike (including Jetbike), Monstrous Creature and Beasts/Cavalry models are therefore assumed to see 180 degrees toward the front of the model (Note this is intentionally generous, as befits the superhuman reflexes/improved sensory devices/hundreds of hours of training these soldiers have)  Note that Walkers use the VEHICLE rules for determining Line of Sight - meaning they use the 'Arcs of Sight' from their weapons, as described on page 59 of the Rulebook.  Remember that a Target can only be selected if it can be 'seen' by a unit in the first place.

Do Ironclad Dreadnoughts strike in Initiative order with a Chainfist, or is that deliberately inconsistent? [Ok, that isn't BRB, but still...]

I will edit changes, I know I've missed some.  lol
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