Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Couple Games Today, and A News Flash

Had a couple games today, with a BA list I threw together this morning of varied Space Marines, a mix of actual BA, Zerks, PMs, regular CSM, and a few Scythes tanks.

Just didn't wanna play Chaos, tbh - my Eldar need new Prisms before I de-mothball them, and Orks...well.  My Speeders and Riflemen are on holiday, so no fun vanilla army available, and I haven't enough ML guys built to act as Fangs.

So, the list:


2 Priests w/ Infernus, PW

5 ASM in AssCan Razor, Meltagun
5 ASM in AssCan Razor, Melta
10 ASM in Rhino, Double Melta, Fist

10 ASM in Rhino, Double Melta, Fist

8 Vanguard w/ 2 melta Bombs, 2 Infernus, 2 PW, Fist

AutoLas Pred
2 Vindicators with Shields

Game One was against fellow author ItsPug, still stinging from his defeat at my hands in WarpCon :p and his failure to win at RetCon, though he was the top IG player in the final standings.

His list was actually 1750 pulled up tp 2k by the addition of 2 ST units with Double Melta, so not built for was, roughly:

2x2 Regular Russes w/ Las
Manticore [HF]
1 CCS w/ 4 Melta, Chimera [ML/HF]
2 PCS w/ 4 Melta, Chimera [ML/HF]
2x 5 STs w/ 2 Melta
6 Inf Squads w/ Autocannon, Chimera [ML/HB]

As I hope to discuss on 3++ this weekend, (if I find time to write for Kirby :p ) he made a mistake at 'deployment' [it was DoW, but same difference] that eventually ended up being a very important factor in a 13-4 rolling.  Granted, his second Shooting Phase was exceptionally abysmal - but all the same, he didn't help himself like he could've.  Having only half the requisite Infantry repaired after the damage incurred in Dublin may have affected his choices, and it's not like he expected my shooting to be so damaging, methinks.  Anyway, I won, convincingly - and had a blast.

Second game was vs Bob's Eldar.  The list was:

10 Banshees w/Serp [Lance, SS]
10 Scorps w/ Claw,  Infiltrate, MTC
2 Prisms
12 Avengers w/ Bladestorm, Twin Cats, Serp [Lance, SS]
12 Avengers w/ Bladestorm, Shimmershield
5 Reapers w/ Tempest Launcher
2x5 Pathfinders

That list isn't amazing.  Bob insists on sub-optimal choices, such as Banshees and Scorps, and yet they tend to work out well enough for him most of the time.  Certainly he is one of the more challenging players to face, irrespective of unit choice...and in a stupid way my terrain set-up benefited him quite a bit [but I set it up, and therefore any blame ascribed must fall squarely upon my own shoulders]

Again, this game was good fun, though both of us felt harshly treated by the dice.  The turn a TL AssCan hit once after re-rolls and failed to wound a T3 model, was a 'highlight' for me, the failure by his Scorps to move over 2" on one turn for him.  On the other hand, I made 14/15 saves from Cover/FnP/both one turn from my VV when under Reaper fire, and he made 4 consecutive ShimmerShield saves...while Mephy got Pinned by Pathfinders and then triple Rended the next turn (by 4 guys shooting)

In the end, I won 7-5 on KPs, which was surprising, as I only realised I was winning half-way through T5, having been previously convinced I was about to lose.  When your luck is (perceived as) that bad, it's very easy to lose sight of the actual way the game is progressing.  It went to 7 turns though, and that is all we claimed, 12 out of a possible 26 (?) KPs, so you can see it was hardly a massacre or 1-sided.

Overall, my Vindicators were lolworthy in the first, neither good nor bad, and were pretty poor Game Two.  Inconclusive.  I only know that I like BA ones MUCH better than vanilla.  lol

As for the newsflash?

It seem Blood Of Kittens has been shut down due to the proprietor (TastyTaste) putting up pictures of the Dark Eldar and Grey Knight Codexes.  If true, this was a Fucking Stupid Move, and he deserves to be shut down like the tabloid whore he is.

A real loss, though, that it was a place where one could find Brent's series 'Strictly Blogging' [*crosses fingers for a HoP revival*] and some articles by AbusePuppy too.  Fluger's stuff is good, and his Eldar Fandex was something I planned to plunder for any viable stealable ideas.  Oh, and a little something called a 'Dick Move' was there too, a blog that apparently took threads and comment streams from across the web, subjected them to a process known as 'snowmobiling' and insulted and mocked the participants in the 'stolen' material in equal measure, and with reckless abandon.

Obviously, I'm not a recurring star who once snowmobiled a thread so huge Dethtron couldn't face the daunting task, and 2-time winner of these 'Friday Night Internet Fights' - but if I *was* I would wish a big 'fuck-you' to the person really responsible for the asplosion that took out Dick Move as collateral.

Hopefully Colin can retrieve everything and return to blogger, or a new domain...who gives a shit, as long as Dick Move returns soon.

One other thing - several (9?) months ago, I lost my SW Codex, went without a few weeks, then caved and bought a new one.  Found the old one in a carrier case, inexplicably below some CSM, so if anyone needs one, I can sell for a tenner, or trade for a GK or DE 5e book, since I have paper copies of neither atm.  Let me know.
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