Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Been Busy Lately...

demotivational posters - PRISONI've been off, much to the chagrin of Mr Pink from down the street, and enjoying myself, sunny weather, FIFA 11 and especially Prison Break taking up my time rather than this whole Blogging lark. Prison Break really did get pretty dodgy in series 4, huh? I never watched 3 and 4 on TV at the time, and am very glad I finally did - it's a riveting show, and overall very, very good...I recommend watching it all within the space of 2 weeks like me (:p) but the 4th Season...well.  If it didn't jump that shark, it was certainly on the run up to it.

Anyway, I haven't got any big meaningful posts prepared for my glorious comeback, and actually am not really inspired to do much of any writing right now.

Still, I am a little annoyed by some of the retardery I spy in this thread -

Maybe because this is a topic I discuss at length and frequently IRL...but Mech SHOULD be better in a desert or an open field.  No fucking question.

If you have a tank vs a bunch of guys with nothing to hide behind, I don't care if it's in any fantasy universe in the history of time, the men in the open should get fucked up six ways from Sunday.  Sure, Foot is inferior inherently to Mech the way the game works right now, and there is a little discrepancy in it...but that is MOSTLY because the majority of armies that want to run Foot armies are outdated. LoganWing goes on foot.  Deathwing.   DanteWing.  Since when are these shit? (Technically, yes, Deathwing wasn't really good until the FAQ, but whatevs)

If you run a 5e Foot army vs a 4e Mech army, the Foot army should actually have a little bit of an advantage, what with not paying over the odds for Transports etc.  If you run a 5e Foot army vs a 5e Mech army, it should be largely balanced, albeit sometimes uphill for Nids.  If you are finding a huge difference, you're Doin It Wrong, and not using enough Cover, is my reckoning.  Or you're using bullshit homebrews like the INAT or ETC.

As for my thoughts regarding how to 'fix' Mech to make it slightly less powerful? Make Entanglement and Pinning separate, in that Fearless units can still have difficulty getting out of the wreckage, and require Ld tests to avoid it, but the result is the same.

For fixing Fearless, which is a little skewed with No Retreat (or rather, fixing the way in which they interact, as the rules independently function appropriately) - I would have the Fearless units take Ld at the modified level, and suffer wounds according to that - eg, a Unit of 27 Orks loses combat by 11, and is reduced to 11 models.  The Orks then take a Morale Check based on their Ld value (which is maxed at 10) minus the amount they lose by (11) so they require Snake Eyes not to get somewhat screwed.  My only indecision is whether or not to make them take wounds equal to what they fail by (ie, they roll a 3, they take 3 wounds, as their Ld is technically 0) or by what they lost combat by (which penalises Orks and Gaunts, or IG Blobs, but nothing else - and the other system potentially penalises elite units even worse! If a unit of 10 Marines loses by 6, inc the Sergeant, their Ld is two.  If they then roll a 12, they take more wounds than they would under this system - and waaay more than number of remaining models.  This seems wrong to me.)

Units inside a vehicle already take damage to an extent, in that they are prevented from firing out the hatches while Shaken...maybe you could go far enough to prohibit exiting if Stunned too, but that seems to harm Transports without touching the power of guntanks (which admittedly, are underpowered compared to Transports in some ways) - perhaps a Ld test to allow them out.  Certainly there has to be no way to kill models inside Metal Bawkses without trashing the Bawks.  Perhaps though the Explodes! result should be a little more damaging to guys inside, but my feeling on that would be instead having a greater damage for rolling a '7' or an '8' - ie, you do greater damage when you blow up Open-Topped vehicles, or with AP1.  Problem is that DE get the shaft for several years until a new book.  And cos they have so little AP1.

I think that idea has some merit - like say if it's S5 hits on a 7, and S6 on an 8...with Ordnance also getting +1 to the result, to a max of an 8? Gives them the Bunker-Busting properties they seem to require, without returning the bullshit of Annihilated Results.

It also allows Land Raiders to (rather than Structure Points) top off at a result of 6.  (While typing this, the idea of simply granting them an additional -2 to Damage occurred, but that would probably be insanely good. They'd be only Shaken on Glances 5/6 times, and Stunned the other.  Even on Pens, it's be a 50% chance to Shake.  Yeah, stupidly OP.  But hilarious.)

That's enough thinking from me for now.  Oh, and just in case...I wasn't calling Stelek's ideas retarded, or anyone in particular - just some of the ideas espoused in the Comments.  I'm sure you know who you are anyway. ;)
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