Saturday, 16 May 2009

Roman Catholics don't have a monopoly on guilt you know.

Ok.  I feel quite bad for giving you wonderful readers so little of my time and attention lately, but. like the last post said, been busy.

So, I feel guilty for that, but that's not all.

Long story short, nothing has happened, but I want it to, and she belongs to someone else.  It's much easier for me not spend the length of time I do just sitting writing an article, or even scrolling through my reading list...sure, it can be sufficiently distracting, particularly when I see stupidity like in the comments on 3++ last time I visited...but this is very transitory.

First person shooters, specifically Halo:Reach, keep my mind sufficiently distracted, and right now that's what I need.  So, as guilty as I do feel for not contributing at large, I have to look after what I need more importantly, especially since that's not something I do enough in my life.  Without wanting to be bigheaded, I'm pretty generous with my time and attention, often to the detriment of what I want to do, and that's not going to happen here.  I hope. :p
And I feel more guilty about wanting what I can't have than I do about you guys.  In this case, that's entirely appropriate...

So, keep up the good fight, fight the internet stupidz, read the quality blogs I link to, try not to flirt with other people's wives. ;)

Some music, to finish - a phenomenal song:
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