Thursday, 4 August 2011

A Quick Pimping for Something Special

From Wobbly Model Syndrome

Hey there again,

Are you, much like me, often bored and trawl sites across the interwebs such as xkcd and are constantly on the lookout for yet another semi-decent webcomic to peruse weekly to add to procrastination....? 

Are you, much like me a fan of a certain 28mm wargame (if not why the hell do you read this blog)?

Would you like to see something that combines the two together in perfect matrimony?

Well, look what I found whilst lurking on my local forum - a link to a genuinely amusing (if light hearted) 40k webcomic s'called Wobby Model Syndrome. See, if you don't like the one above I perfectly understand stop reading and go back on

I really, really do enjoy this kind of light hearted humour:

From Wobbly Model Syndrome

I've got nothing against Goatboy as my previous article on Counts-as may have made clear, but I can't help but dislike the Plastic Dudemens webcomic that he touts on BoLs - it's just lacking in some fundamental aspect, it might be his drawing style doesn't fit with a webcomic but it simply doesn't make me giggle anyway near as much as this one does.

If you're still reading, and didn't think it  got any better, he recently uploaded a few higher-res copies of some strips for Wallpapers such as my personal favourite: the amazing 'Emperor and His Sons' piece shown below (I really want this on a T-shirt or something...):

From Wobbly Model Syndrome

Well, I hope this served as a little distraction for you all...

Sign in his Guestbook if you get a chance - seems like a lovely bloke.

Peace out
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