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Eldar Codex Project: Guardian Defenders and Storm Guardians


From DakkaDakka
Lets kick off this fandex with a look at the much maligned, or much favoured Eldar guardians (depending on who you are... :) ). These guys are fluffwise artisans, artists and craftsmen who have taken up arms against intruders or any other threats that would otherwise harm their Craftworld, Maiden world or the Eldar's intentions as a whole so they aren't crack soldiers, yet still okay at their job.

Taking the fluff into account, these guys shouldn't be equal to Dark Eldar warriors in terms of weaponry or performance (other than Black Guardians ~ TKE - I'm getting there boss....) - they're just craftsmen, but due to technology being what it is, they should be at least be able to go toe to toe with Guardsmen in terms of performance. I had some difficulty trying to set what I considered the 'civilian' Eldar statline, so I perused the DE dex a tad, and had a long think.

In the end, I decided that other than the Haemonculi and their 'creations' the two Eldar races aren't really aren't that far apart physically - one space elf just decided to spend a little longer on his pottery than touching himself before Slaanesh came to being. So, Guardians are I5 (an upgrade fwiw), S3, T3, LD8 with a measly 5+ save.

*Cue screams of "I hate that 5+ save..."
"I5 - they can't be faster than mai mahreens - they're only puny elves"
"Shit hair cut"

Everything that isn't made of Wraithbone in this codex is I5 or better - The I value will increase for things like Exarchs, Autarchs, Special Characters and HQs but be at minimum for the living spelves (not Wraithguard and lolords - they're another issue).

Image from Warseer

There's two main types of foot guardian (Defender and Storm) unless I'm very much mistaken, so we will discuss these guys and gals and then.

Guardian Defenders

These guys are the long range spelf basic troop, armed with Shuriken catapults and a heavy weapon platform or two, but are not as good as Dire Avengers for dealing with massed infantry, acting as one of the only sources of duality in the Eldar codex (at a cheap price compared to some of the other stuff out there).

I have one or two problems with these guys as they stand. First, their heavy weapons are priced at a lol-tacular level (30pt Bright Lances - It'll hit, what, once before they get blown up or looked at funny by a tactical squad.... yay for my shit troops choice with an overpriced gun!) and that they are just not survivable enough in close combat.

Enter the Tanglefoot (Name pending - IMO it sounds too Imperial - can anyone think of anything better - I like Entanglement - It's an Imperial Designation.  The Eldar name is impossible for the Mon-Keigh tongues) grenade.

These things are simple defensive grenades. Imagine, a unit of guardians charged by a Death Company throwing these little grenades downhill, staying the poor guardian's execution by a tiny bit....
(If you want to moan about these being terrible - there was an idea about them causing rerolls to difficult terrain tests if they were being assaulted through cover and counting as in difficult terrain but I judged this to opiee and complex - Nonsense, they slow stuff just like a Murderous hurricane or whatever. Otherwise they suck, frankly. Okay! Lets throw it to the judges... :) )

As well as these grenades, the price of the heavy weapons has changed dramatically, so you aren't paying stupid amounts for terrible BS troops to waste them every turn. You can see these new prices  in the linked .pdf of the unit entry.

There was one issue though. Starcannons suck. Plasma at that cost is not advisable or any good.

TKE and I disagree on these things. I am of the opinion that they should be a toned down Dark Eldar Disintegrator (S5 Ap2 H3 24") but TKE thinks:

"I want the Starcannon to be S6 Heavy2...AP1.  Yes, AP1.  Energy/Intensity of a small star.  Makes it a good anti-transport choice, and thus a credible alternative to EML and BL."

So... What do you guys think about these guys... any improvements - or can anyone come up with something else (better) than our efforts?

Storm Guardians

From Lexicanum
These guys are Guardians who have got a different view of survival - act as cheap shock troops who can deal with tanks but retaining a modicum of choppy to dice up anything weak enough (or anything needing tarpitting ;) ). As they aren't amazing in CC (WS3) but hitting first on most things (I5), they are effectively Eldar Assault Guardians. These guys are retaining their ability to swap a CCW and Shuriken Pistol for their Shuriken Catapult as well as being able to carry Fusion Guns and Flamers (ole classics.)

Other than the profile changes made for Defenders, these guys are almost the same, gaining the ability to buy Haywire Grenades for +2pts per model as well as the stock Plasma Grenades that almost every unit has. One final change is the ability to buy 3 special weapons per 10 squad members, giving you potentially 6 meltaguns per squad, or 6 flamers if you're that way inclined.. Hmm.

And as the sun sets on another lengthy spiel from me, I leave you with the pre-alpha Codex Entry:

Eldar Guardians

Any feedback/ changes you'd make/ virtual punches to be thrown (i.e. how dare you desecrate my Eldar boyo)....?

Let us know... :)
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