Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Progress is Slow with This One


I'm dropping this quick post to apologise for the slow progress on the Eldar project front and to give you a rough idea of what's going to be in the Codex and any re-arrangements that have happened on the good 'ole FOC. My real life has taken a sudden turn for the frantically busy, with me squeezing any writing, revising & dog walking between everything else that I have to do at the moment. Progress *is* being made behind closed doors and I thought I'd share the level of completeness with you as it stands.
But first an amusing anecdote... :) (Skip if you like, it's the italic bit)

I am currently trying to get into veterinary science as a post-graduate and am spending all my free time volunteering in vet surgeries watching operations, consultations and dog enemas (stinky, but very funny to watch the odd look on the dog's face when it happens haha). One particular consultation that I was in today made me and the attending vet laugh so much I decided to share it with t'internet.

The old lady Mrs Wallace rang the surgery yesterday saying that her nocturnal cat was off it's food, not drinking and not doing much, spending all it's time on a towel by her fireplace during the day rather than sleeping on her bed. Understanding her concern, the vet organised an appointment for this afternoon and Mrs Wallace duly complied, bringing her cat (who had not undergone any subsequent changes in symptom) with her. Standing in the consultation room with the vet I was shadowing, he informed me that this old lady had a sharp sense of humour and was a real joy to talk to as she obviously cared a great deal about her pets, constantly acting as a raconteur, recounting their activities to him.

As she came in the room, we became aware of an odd smell, sort of low and damp. The vet looked at me and mouthed,

'Can you smell that?'

I nodded. Suddenly, the aroma of liquorice and coal tar soap filled the room as Mrs Wallace's 'perfume' caught up with her and we looked at the cat basket held at her side. Lifting the wicker box up to the examination table, she opened the door and the cat didn't move.

'Perhaps she's still asleep, didn't budge when I put her in the box.'

After calling the animal's name (Misty) for about 30 seconds and it still didn't rouse her, the vet poked his hand inside the cage and felt the apparently slumbering cat's neck. Looking at me and then at the cat and finally at the owner, the vet said,

'I'm sorry Mrs Wallace, your cat is very much off it's food and water. In fact, Misty died a few days ago in her sleep, I'm very sorry for your loss.'

Mrs Wallace started to laugh.

'Well, it doesn't really surprise me. She didn't even wake up when I hit the lamp post outside my house on my way over here. Oh well, she had a good run.'

True Story.


I was telling you about the ECP.

This is what's been done so far....


Avatar - pre-alpha done (Need to rework the Court of the Young King though...)
Phoenix Lords - notes
Farseer - extensive notes done
Seer Council - notes
Autarch - prealpha draft done
Bonesingers - almost happy with this... Will be posted with the Avatar
Yriel - not started
Eldrad - notes


Pathfinders - almost done final draft
Fire Dragons - pre-alpha is drafted
Banshees - almost ready to write unit entry
Scorpions - extensive notes
Wraithguard - uhhh lots of conflicting ideas kicking around at the moment
Harlies - Exactly the same as last time (keeps with DE)

Warlocks - lots of problems & ideas kicking around here... hmmm
Wave Serpents - I have a few ideas here, but will probably leave towards the end...


Dire Avengers - pre-alpha done
Rangers - alpha done
Guardian Jetbikes - alpha done
Guardian Defenders & Storms - Beta done

Fast Attack

Shining Spears - major problems here... :(
Warp Spiders - extensive notes, am narrowing down lots of ideas
Swooping Hawks - almost ready to write pre-alpha entry
Vyper Jetbikes - notes compiled
Nightspinner - notes compiled
War Walkers - not started

Heavy Support

Support Weapon - not started
Reapers - notes made, but might restart
Wraithlord - major lists, drafting and redrafting - guh
Falcon - notes
Fire Prism - lot's o' notes.

You can probably tell there's a lot of units to sort out. Yes I will be doing Forgeworld models at some point, but only after the rest of the work has been finished.

Expect a post with actual content on Friday. lol.

Any comments with the modified FOC?
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