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Eldar Codex Project: Guardian Jetbikes & Rangers

Beautiful ain't it... (GD 2006)

Here are another couple of units from the codex rewrite Eldar Guardian Jetbikes (seemed the next logical progression after I had done Guardian garden varieties) and Eldar Rangers. - I hope you like them and agree with the changes that have been made. But first another speel about writing slowly ;).

With regards to changing the things that people have commented on (too many special weapons for Guardian Storms, them being I5 not being able to MSU guardians), I have noted your criticisms down and will be posting beta (ie. community and TKE approved) unit entries in a big bundle after I have reached the end of the Force Organisation Category, (will be doing per category to make it a tad easier to organise) linked together as a giant pdf with a proper title and everything(TM).

When finished, all of these approved beta-sections will be e-stitched together like a proper codex, and downloadable as a phat block for playtesting purposes (if there is anyone who wants to actually do it hahaha). I am actually writing this monstrosity pretty much unit by unit, so anyone wanting a quick peek in before anyone else, I am sorry to say, you won't be getting one until it's all finished and playable - no sense trying to slot in redesigned units with those that aren't - Aspect Warriors for one thing are changing a fair bit, so it'd be silly to play some with the new rules whilst others lag behind (someone pointed out to me that Aspects are now slower than the alpha-rules Guardians... lol).

Now, where were we?

Guardian Jetbikes

Let's take a quick step back for a moment. Dark Eldar jetbikes are amazing:

They can chop things up by flying over them,
Kill tanks quite easily (I <3 Heat Lances),
*Really* annoy people with objective claiming,
Look awesome (Those models are sweeeeet)



Sweet shit, those models are terrible (not the paintjob....)- its a what..? ~20 year old sculpt?

I envy the DE for their sweet new flying blade-like hover bikes. I can only wait for the day that Jes gets the go ahead to mass produce this baby:


These guys are really just fine as they sit in the current codex, being just a tad overpriced for how they perform - which they do adequately, considering they are faux-marines with jump packs who get to move 24" when they feel like it.

One of the improvements I wanted to make across the whole 'dex was to give access to Haywires to units that currently had little-to-no chance of harming vehicles - mainly guardians etc - to alleviate the whole "Tarnation, them boxes be annoyin' me" situation. (in other places, you won't need it, or they'll be rending...) Hence, GJBs getting a haywire grenade option.

No, Guardian Jetbikes won't be getting a melta or flamer option - they aren't marine bikes. That's not how we roll here - They are discretely different to their spiky counterparts (or plastron covered religious loons). Besides, when you get that many shuriken weapons firing at you, you'd better take some cover especially if they can become...

"It's not ready! Shhhh!"

Without further ado, I present to you the Alpha Guardian Jetbikes rules.

Codex Entry


From Geek it Up

As every good schoolboy knows, Eldar have multiple giant spaceships called 'craftworlds' that they inhabit, and not all of them use Aspect Warriors or Guardians in such high numbers to protect their interests, instead opting for sneaky snipers shooting things from far away across the battlefield. Yes fluffmonkey, Alaitoc relies very heavily on these babies to do their troopyness and possess elite versions of these hideaway snipers called Pathfinders. Pathfinders are in my opinion too powerful fluffwise (and new ability-wise) to be a troops choice, so we'll push them to Elites for the time being unless anyone moans. Okay?

My primary complaint with rangers was that if you hit them with a flamer, they instantly vapourised - yes just a measly flamer. A little 5pt gun can wipe my very expensive squad, very quickly. So sad. :(

Therefore, the first change that I made was a slight increase in survivability - they get 4+ armour save rather than their 5+ meaning that yes, Heavy Flamers'll ruin your day. They don't walk any kind of path, you'd think they want to ensure their survivability a little bit with their emotions running riot and the like.

Also, something that TKE mentioned made me think. These guys pretty much live in trees their whole lives - they've gotta be hard to budge even with close combat assaults. Not in combat mind you but to get to them. Hence, the addition of Tanglefoot (Still need a name guys and gals!) grenades (remember these guys?).

With those changes, they are okay, but still a bit lacking in one respect. They suck against tanksies and transports.

They just saw a Rhino.

I don't want to punish anyone for taking these things by people shelling out points for them but then finding they can't kill razorbacks etceteraaarrrh. Yes, they shouldn't be that great vs tanks, but they should be able to scratch them right?

Bearing that in mind, and thinking that these guys are quite fluffily accurate, I changed long rifles to firing like snipers, but rolling 2D6 pick the highest penetration. This means that yes, they will only be able to glance on a 6, but the minimum after that rollable will be 11. This makes them an adequate threat. However, to prevent them from blowing tanks up with a single shot, I changed the AP1 shot rule, making all anti-tank firing counting as AP- - something to balance the two dice thing.

One final thing that was added was the possibility to give them haywire grenades for +2pts per model, much like Storm Guardians - making them dangerous to tanks parked near board edges if outflanking in (sneaky sneaky) and giving them some use vs AV14.

Without further ado:

Codex Entry

So.... whaddya think?
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