Monday, 3 October 2011

I Can Has Day Awf?

Normally, due to an unpleasant set of circumstances, I work every Saturday night, and Sunday morning - an arrangement that essentially guts any drive or desire to engage in anything Hobby-related, and also fails to fulfil my passion for Football ('Soccer', to you, Colonists) by allowing me to watch a couple of matches over the weekend.  Finally, it prevents me ever watching the loveliness that is Doctor Who live, although I get woeful reception of BBC1 anyway, and prefer to watch it on my laptop, so having it on iplayer is less of an issue than it may at first appear.

Delightfully, that was not the case this weekend, where I found myself with Sat, Sun, today and Tuesday all off work, allowing me to get on and make some serious progress in making Assault Marines for my Blood Angel army, or to get some serious Blogging work done...hell, I could do both, right? I have 4 whole days!

...But on Saturday, I had loads of time in which to do those, and so I decided that playing a bit of Space Marine would be ok...four hours later, this was beginning to look like less of a good plan.  Then, I thought - well, blogging.  So I hung around 3++, reading a bunch of articles - and my internet cut out.  My housemate's damned cat had knocked the router off the table on which it sits (thankfully only a couple of feet) and so I couldn't watch Dr Who from last week in time to watch this week's live. :(

I try to download the episode of Dr Who, only to be told it will take 5 and a half hours to do so. :-/
Unimpressed, I start going through sprues to build BA, and somehow contrive to spend an hour on the phone to my friend Mark when I phone to ask if he has any Marine helmets with laurels on them (my BA Vet Sergeants get blinged tee fook) and I find myself having now wasted the vast majority of the day - by this stage it's less than an hour to Match of the Day, with my ensuing Skype appointment to talk to Width regarding the Eldar writing going on...

Again, my internet asplodes, and our conversation is cut rather shorter than anticipated.

The next day, I resume a text conversation from the previous day, to discover infidelity that, while not directly impacting me, was something I predicted and attempted to prevent - essentially ruining my day at 11am.  Most of the ensuing couple hours is spent remonstrating, but between that and the horrible weather preventing me going outside to spray my already assembled Blood Angels, I know my day is more than half gone already.

I spend the next hour and a half clipping bits from sprues (among them, 18 Jump Packs, 30 assorted CCWs, 26 various pistols, and a TON of bling like ammo pouches and grenades) waiting for the Arsenal match at White Hart Lane.  Disappointed with Ramsey's performance, and the team's lack of cutting edge (and, of course, the result) I resort to very slowly building more BA, and watching the aforementioned Doctor Who finale, before heading to my mother's for dinner and essentially ending the day's work - halfway through my time off, with a whopping no articles written (3 or 4 paragraphs added to one for Kirby that's giving me a headache) and 4 whole Blood Angel models almost built.

My point?

Time management is vital.

Sure, there's no way to prepare for the internet deciding to cut out on me on two separate occasions Saturday, or indeed for any personal crises that my friends put themselves into on nights out that I couldn't face, because of their behaviour lending itself into such an issue.  However, if I'd simply planned out my Hobby time before diving headfirst into several of the dozen or more things I had to do, I would have made significantly more progress than 'very little', and would have more to show for being half-way through my 'time-off' than a Priest missing an arm, a Sergeant and a half, and two regular ASM...having reached level 40 in Space Marine doesn't really count.

Especially since both tonight and tomorrow night I plan to go to my usual Gaming Clubs for some hawt 40k action - which KINDA prevents building models for the army I'm using at the same time.  Obviously.  Lol.

Moral of the tale - plan your time better than I do.
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