Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A Question, Dear Readers...

I have noticed, in recent times, a greater and greater number of blogs have succumbed to the penchant for Advertising.  Some, such as The Back 40k, have stubbornly resisted this trend, and I would kind of like to stand firm with them in that camp...but the reality is, that's got a much larger and broader range of authors to make the blog more of a pastime than a serious endeavour.

While even a cursory examination of my posting trends shows that I hardly consider this a professional outfit, I am in a worse-paid job than most other Bloggers that have told me their day job. :p

As a result, the idea of Ads to garner some green (albeit, probably not enough to be worth their inclusion, I'm hardly a traffic behemoth like 3++, BoLS or YTTH) is not entirely unpalatable, especially if it allows me to buy moar toi soljers, or to fund a future trip to NoVa.

At the end of the day, though, it's up to you guys.

I spend most of my time on my blog 'backstage', not reading the front-page articles I've typically written, or at least read once already.

If Ads would negatively impact your MWFTW experience, or if you think that I should take a stand against Western Capitalism impacting on every single facet of our lives so comprehensively, then please, let me know.

Similarly, if you wouldn't mind, or indeed would like to see me have more chance of a future trip Stateside to hang with e-friends I'd love to meet, speak up.

Plus, of course, it might encourage more articles from me - for better or worse! ;-)
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