Thursday, 6 October 2011

Ad Update

Well, I've had no negative feedback, and in fact nothing but support from the Community regarding the prospect of adding Ads to the site.

As a result, I have already made overtures in applying for Wayland Games affiliate program, and Google AdSense.

Obviously, I'm not allowed to openly encourage you to do anything that could be seen as me trying to abuse the system, including, for instance, asking people to make Clicks - so I won't be doing that - I also will have to reduce the number of instances of the word 'cunt' on my blog, just to make sure I don't violate the terms of service in that sphere either.

To sum up - Fewer cunts, less fucking, and no box abuse.

...Story of getting older, I suppose.

On a more expected topic, there's a (slim) possibility of their actually being 6 or more Blog Posts put up this week, so - keep checking, and tell your friends! Lol.

Unless I get held up by a rant, the next articles I plan to do are on Mech Blood Angels, specifically the list I currently run.  I hope to do a big of a breakdown of why I've opted for 'x' and 'y' instead or 'q' and 'p', in what I hope will be the Autumnal Hit of the Blogosphere, an Article Series I will be naming "Armies In Focus".  I'd very much love other blogs to assume the produce their own such AIF articles, explaining their own armies, in a way I hope can further struggling players' ability to get a feel for their own list and why the obvious choice isn't ALWAYS the best available.

Quite short this one, you were gentlemen. [And possibly ladies.]
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