Friday, 11 November 2011

Busy Day/Live Blogging/Ramona A. Stone

Well, there's a couple things I've been falling behind on, mostly due to work - so I'd really like to clear at least a few of them out today, get myself back down to a reasonable workload.

As a result, sadly, this means the post will undoubtedly be scatty and somewhat unfocused.  On the bright side, you should kinda expect that by now. :p

Obviously, Live Blogging is MUCH more fun with other participants, so I'm going to begin in approximately 90 minutes - that gives me time to finish the last mission of Kill Team (Xbox, ofc, not the shitty table-top version) and grab a quick bite to eat, as well as to collect my thoughts and try to make this as efficient as possible.

See you then?
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