Sunday, 6 November 2011


So, I've read the Necron Codex, although I'd much rather read it through again and begin to play about trying to write some lists before I make any sort of verdict.

There's plenty of scary-ass stuff, and certainly some things I feel I will have to adapt for...but that depends on whether or not lists with them in are truly viable.

Triarch Stalkers, for once, are something I think GW should have had a model ready for, even if a prototype was photographed in the Codex colour section, just to help protect their IP.

Playing Blood Angels now does look like a little bit of a pain, if all these perma-Night Fighting things turn out to be worthwhile...but with Fast vehicles I can get close enough to largely make up for Searchlights I suppose.

Warriors and Immortals being laid out the way they are is fantastic, having a base cost and then extra for more guys is just more elegant than the alternative in the Kelly-Dexes.

Oh, and I just want to claim the credit for naming the all Night Scythe-mounted list.  It should be called Scare-Cav.  Cos it's Air-Cav, and scary, cos they're the mechanical visage of death.  No?  Silence, I have decreed it. :p

Not sure it'll be much more Competitive, but I'm going to give it a shot, list-wise, see what I can come up with.
If only I knew anyone with enough mixed Flyers to proxy, nevermind that of course no-one I know owns whatever number of the real thing I can squeeze into 2k...(Nobody I know owns ANY of course, but still...)


Thoughts on the Necrons, stand-out units or combinations etc as always very welcome.  Just finding out how many of my readers have been tempted by the Deathless Ones would be great to know, we Children of the Stars apparently have sketchy and oft-contradictory records on your approximate numbers and force disposition...;-)
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