Wednesday, 7 December 2011

What the hell happens when Relentless Long Fangs want to Assault?


When you have a unit of Relentless Long Fangs, accompanied by Logan Grimnar, and you use the Fire Control rule to split your fire into two different targets, what do you do??

Are you compelled to multi-charge both units? What if only one is in range? What if they are far enough apart that such an action is impossible (not unlikely!)  What if one is destroyed/broken out of assault range? How are we, as players, supposed to resolve this situation?  There's nothing in either the BRB or SW FAQs that helps.  I'm stumped.  Seems to me the best course is to allow them to Assault either unit, their choice, although I'm sure that'll have players up in arms about how borken Spess Wulfs are, and how they can't possibly win with regular Marines, because everything Wolves do is better, yadda yadda.

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