Monday, 9 January 2012

Width's Adventures in Painting


I've recently become infatuated with the idea of running an Eldar Corsairs army from the new Imperial Armour book as I am really in love with the idea of dedicated BS4 Falcons, Nightwings in normal 40K and using my favourite new model, Eldar Hornets.

Of course, this means I have to determine a colour scheme for said army, and I want it to look bitchin'. See, I'm a very lazy painter often topping out at a 3 colour standard. I can paint well, but I'm not really willing to spend the required 2 hours plus on a single HQ model. My purple Yr Arthis Eldar were painted in advance of a major event that necessitated it (tourney). It was organised by my former local game group and they were done to a passable standard that looks okay from a distance, but not exactly amazing.

For the up and coming corsairs army, I'm adopting the minimum buy approach that I initially took with my Dark Eldar, meaning minimal excess models. I am aiming to peak the load at 2K, with around 30 infantry, 4 Falcons, 3 Flyers, 2 Wasps and a few Hornets. This gives me a fair amount to paint before I get down and play with a fully painted army, and being the lazy arse I am, I wanted something easy to do, that looked striking, with some subtle highlighting.

The adventure started here...

I went to my local wargames retailer, and asked the guy if he knew any nice, easy colour schemes I could adopt, that would still look fairly alien. I bought some grey primer and started my endeavours I also bought a 'guardian paint-test box' the push together four guys which were to be used as the paint test models.

Upon opening the box, i decided, i'd try to do a nice Grey/Red/White scheme with these guys, but as I've been told to by lots of more talented painters, I mixed up the primers to see what'd fit better they were sprayed as follows:

(1) Black primer
(2) White Primer
(3) White Primer
(4) Grey Primer

The results were as follows:

Uhhhh.... After the black spray, I did a few thin coats of Space Wolves Grey and White.... but it looked simply shit. So I stopped on him. Yeah, I'm shallow and very lazy.

Now this is more like it! It looks good, but still not as shaded as I'd like for my model to be.... (remember I'm really lazy... :) ). I might take this guy a little further, but we'll see how time turns out.

This guy is the odd one. I really like the colour of the armour as it turned out (Asurmen Blue/ Violet Ink wash over a grey undercoat) but attempts to highlight proved very hard. The Prince'll be painted with this kind of scheme methinks....

Oh. What left....?

Yeah, the one I decided to persist with.

It's very simple and very self explanatory.... Still I think it looks okay... 

I am very proud of the base though. Slushy.... haha.

I should have a unit of Corsairs soon. :) They'll be painted and blogged appropriately.

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