Saturday, 4 February 2012

Future Plans...

Just a brief update to let me procrastinate the moving house I'm ostensibly doing.

Plans for this year include going to at least 2 tournaments, like I managed last year.  Ideally, I'll get in at least a third, maybe even fourth, and it'd be nice to actually host one, though not playing will make me sad panda.

I could use the opportunity to get some painting done while the chumps I get to fork over their hard-earned to me, which I suppose would make up in part... Doubt I'd actually do it though, more likely I'd just hang around tables idly chatting and inadvertently putting players off.  Lol.

WRT painting, and the Blood Angels army I'm supposedly doing...moving house has been a real PITA in terms of actually getting anything done, in that I haven't.  Even more annoyingly, Forge World have released an amazing looking old-school Predator kit, and I'm compelled by my aesthetic sensibilities to get myself some.  :(

It just looks soooooo good, dammit.

Still, the army WILL be done for July, that's my aim, and I will have it 3 colours by then, minimum.

On the blogging front, I have an article on Blood Bowl to throw out to the e-masses, based on some old, old stuff I wrote not long after buying the last GW release of it, which, if you remember, had no rules for league play or any sort of experience track - go Amateur Design Hour!

After I've got my gear all sorted from the move, I plan to get in a little play-test of the 'leaked' PDF for teh lulz, I'm sure it'll be a LOT of fun.  Naturally, no list-tailoring for the new Edition, cos where's the fun in that?

One of the saddest things I have to face is atticing [verb; putting in the attic/storing out of the way of easy access in order to facilitate better overall storage] my old White Dwarves - pretty much every one except the WD Sisters 'Dex' issues are going into the Great Beyond of my mum's for some future time I have need of them once more, like some sort of publicated Knights of Camelot.

RIP HMS Dwarf, and all who sailed in her.
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