Thursday, 15 March 2012

Boring/Stagnant? Eye of Isha, what are you talking about?

Now, I know that I've been somewhat remiss in my contributions lately, and perhaps this has added to the overall feeling of malaise and disinterest that seems to be seeping throughout the interwebs.

I also keep tweeting about my adventures in learning Dystopian Wars, so for those of you who follow me in that medium perhaps it appears that my love for GW's primary system is as in decline as many others express theirs to be.

This is simply not the case.

I mean, yeah, sure, I'm learning another game system, and that has taken up a bit of my 'Hobby Time' but those of you who're Friends on XBL will know that I've also invested plenty of time into Halo:Reach, finally reaching Field Marshall in the rankings.

This obviously impacts the amount of time I have for Hobby activities, and for Blogging - but the simple fact is, I haven't really had any articles I wanted to write.

I have a vague half-formed desire to write an article that'd serve as a better introduction to the Hobby than that mediocrity that featured on the BBC website the other day - not least because I found that article mildly offensive in failure to portray the Hobby the way *I* see it.

I haven't done so though, because blogging is a fairly time-consuming activity.  I spend hours reading various websites, each and every day (near enough) and yet I am much more reluctant to spend half an hour writing an article.  Maybe that's just me being lazy.  Maybe it's my love for reading surpassing my liking for writing.  Maybe I feel the quality on show at, say, Penny Arcade, is ahead of my own whitterings enough that I defer subconsciously.  I can't say.  Saying, TKE would know.  TKE does not know, so cannot say. [Cookie for reference.]

Apart from all this, and the many many IRL distractions, I care as much about the Hobby, and indeed the Game, as ever - so, please - tell me why it's supposedly stale and bland and uninteresting, and whatever other adjective you choose to use to describe it.  I genuinely don't understand your POV here, and without understanding, there can be no peace.
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