Thursday, 1 March 2012

Neeyyooowwwww dakka dakka dakka....

No, that's not a cat noise followed by enforced silencing. Thats a *yay* I'm done with magnetizing bases finally!

I've had some problems with magnetizing the base for the Phoenix... A tale I will relate...

I purchased some 25mm x 1mm Neodymium magnets to fix to the bottom of the phoenix to allow easy removal. When these guys arrived, they were very strong.

...So strong that they were stuck to the inside of the letterbox when I went looking for them. It took a strong tug to pull the Jiffy bag from there. *Very* dubiously, I glued one of the pair to the base Forgeworld threw in with the flyers.

As I stuck the magnet to the base of the Phoenix, I also felt dubious. (I used a loctite adhesive)

I left them to dry over night.

In the morning shortly before I went to work, I tested it. The magnets held fast. Very fast.

As in when i tried to remove them from one another, the superglue and magnet combo tore a huge hole out of the bottom of the phoenix leaving the stand replete with a super expensive resin cap.

I swore a lot and went off to work.

Then I ordered some smaller (15mm x 0.5mm), weaker magnets. 

These ones worked nicely...

Now I have some hairyplanes that are on magnetized removable bases.

The one in the background is the damaged one...*

*The background VDP was miscast on arrival, and fortunately it was the one I used to do my magnet test....

Oh and a bladesworn WIP:

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