Thursday, 19 April 2012


So. This is an 'I'm not dead' post.

It's fair to say that I haven't posted in a rather long time. A prolonged and unfortunate series of events has occurred over the past few months making me somewhat reluctant to do anything to do with wargaming and to concentrate on RL.

In the time since though, I've read 7 Wheel of Time books (great!), 1 Song of Ice and Fire book (not as great) and was forced to buy a new laptop (my bank balance hates me) on which I managed to get some truly classic games running (Try Command and Conquer TS: Firestorm :) ). All my free time has been eaten up by rehearsals for concerts, trips to see special lady friend and looking after my very, very ill cat (terminal renal cancer with microcytic anaemia), grandparents (Parkinsons and Alzheimers) and dogs (abdominal surgery following ingestion of a cocktail stick...).

Understandably, this has left my hobby time at an all time low, but now, things are looking up and I plan to make a start at getting my Corsairs all assembled and painted by the end of the summer. So, watch this space.... I might be able to upload a bat rep from my future gaming on saturday (lets see how a month of inactivity fares me....)

Oh and a quick question:

With a broodlord's hypnotic gaze, do you have to recast the psypower every turn or does the unfortunate character or model remain useless until they finally die in close combat?

Watch this space for modelling and a bat rep if you're lucky! :D

Rest in peace Skittle. I'll miss you dude.
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