Friday, 20 April 2012

Assault on Arkham Ticket Available!

Hey All,

I've a ticket available for the next Assault on Arkham (19/20 May) as my friend isn't going to be able to make it. The ticket is £20, same as if you'd got it direct. If you follow this blog already you'll be aware that there is a couple of us heading to this, and even though I've never been myself I have it on good authority (well, ok, from TKE) that its a good venue.

Anyway, if you want it you can leave a comment here. First come first served as always. Thanks

TKE Edit: Haha, I can edit with impunity! Editorial Privilege! ...Anyway, the venue really is neat, although parking can be of a slight issue if everyone drove - a little bit of car pooling, as will happen anyway, simply solves this however.  Like anywhere else, terrain is of varying quality, but most tables have enough even if it doesn't quite reach the level and specifications I consider the perfect Tournament tables.

The event is 1850 points, and the Tournament Pack is available here:

Well, that's it from me!
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