Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Exclusive! Pictures of the NEW FLYERS! Stormtalon, Ork Bommas, Night/Doom Scythe! (In the sense that major print media claim exlcusives of things that were news some time before their publication, but never get called on it by each other, for obvious reasons!)

It has come to my attention that pictures of these from the upcoming White Dwarf have been leaked to the interwebs, and it is my great pleasure to present the to you here, now, for the first, or possibly not-first, time!


No real surprises, given that BoW already told us exactly these were coming out soon.  The Night Scythe seems a little larger than most of us were hoping/playing it as, which is a shame, but at least there;s one vehicle that fits the scale better?  Eh.

The Stormtalon has been criticised for being front-heavy, but that's really just the stupid-looking forward turret.  It has landing pads on the bottom of it, so supposedly it balances entirely on that front section with the cockpit? Yeah, right.  Note the step away from the Predator and reasonable ammo room. :s

The Ork vehicles look pretty Orks, but it's hard to see how they'll prop up a flagging Codex.  Oh well, balance isn't as important as new models, right?!

All pictures shamelessly stolen from The Shell Case blog.  Thanks Phil!
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