Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Raptors List for Q-Con XIX

**********INCOMING MESSAGE**********
I, Epistolary Kelios, shall be taking the Raptors 3rd Company to the contested planet of Q-Con XIX in the hopes of vanquishing the Emperor's enemies and winning honour and renown for the Chapter upon the fields of battle. With the disposition and identity of the enemy unknown, Captain Orelius has suggested the following forces, from the 3rd and 6th companies present on Taros,are available immediately, or I can request different forces from the chapter armoury. What say you brothers? Is this force worthy of delivering the Emperor's Judgement upon the xenos and the heretic?

Librarian Kelios [140]
Jump Pack, Infernus Pistol

Ancient Aurelius [170]
Frag Cannon, Heavy Flamer, Drop Pod

Ancient Tulis [170]
Frag Cannon, Heavy Flamer, Drop Pod

Apothecary Malich [90]
Jump Pack, Infernus Pistol

Apothecary Decima [50]

Assault Squad Igis [235]
2 Melta Guns, Powerfist

Demi - Assault Squad Helistopheles [170]
Melta Gun, Stronos Pattern Razorback with Dozer Blade

Demi - Assault Squad Cernus [170]

Melta Gun, Stronos Pattern Razorback with Dozer Blade

Demi - Assault Squad Aristopheles [170]

Melta Gun, Stronos Pattern Razorback with Dozer Blade

Demi - Assault Squad Ursus [110]

Melta Gun, Drop Pod

Scout Squad Liken [90]

Predator Invigilus
Dozer Blade, Lascannon Sponsons

Predator Vindictor
Dozer Blade, Lascannon Sponsons

Suggested battle tactics are for the Stronos Razorbacks to perform reconnaissance in force and, upon engaging the enemy to form the battle line, anchored on either side by Invigilus and Vindictor, while Squad Liken sits in overwatch and directs the fall of the incoming Drop Pods and the Thunderhawk carrying Squad Igis as well as Apothecary Malich and myself.

**********MESSAGE ENDS**********

I've taken the basis of the force I used at the weekend, the 3 squads of 5 men in las/plas razorbacks and the 10 man assault squad. I've added infernus pistols to the jump pack equipped ICs to provide a little more anti-tank bite for the squad. The one unit that worked extremely well in almost all my games was the frag cannon equipped furioso, so I've taken 2, and an extra 5 man assault squad in a drop pod to be able to bring them both down turn 1, replacing the terminators I did have. I've dropped the single MM/HF landspeeder which killed a marine and a flamer of tzeentch in 5 games, as well as the baal predator, to make way for two auto/las predators and a scout squad which can sit in reserve or on my home objective and dive for cover if anyone even looks at them funny.

Any comments or criticism?
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