Saturday, 30 June 2012

FAQs are UP!

SO...let's get some preliminary views of these:

Camo Cloak blobs are a thing of the past, the Cloak got nerfed.

Hydras are the best answer available to anti-air, but unfortunately they lack the interceptor rule, and thus can only Snap Fire at regular targets, making them inflexible and potentially useless...

Priests and Enginseers can no longer fulfil your mandatory HQ, which is a bummer - not a shock though, as GW try to impose HeroHammer on us...

Deploying by Valk risks the entire squad - so they'll be empty a lot more often.

Furious Charge no longer buffs Initiative, so Straken is a lot less useful.

At some point, and it isn't magenta so mustn't be new, Ogyrns were banned from entering Vendettas/Valkyries.  How unnecessarily cruel to a fucking garbage unit.

Oh my fucking shit.

Holy good fucking testicle soup.

Combat Squadded Marines can get into their Rhino together, and disembark separately.

And you thought that Xenos were inferior before?!?!

Croziuses (Crozii?) are now Power Mauls, and therefore shit.  +2 S is nice, Concussive is nice, but AP4? Really?

Smoke launchers can now not be used by my Baal Predators in their Scout move.  Luckily, I hadn't finished building them, and can sell that shit.

Eldar and Orks? The only discernable benefit I can see is Flash Gitz now ignoring Cover with their weapons.  Star Engines aren't clear, but we can assume, I hope, that it means you can move 12" in the movement Phase, move Flat Out, and then move an EXTRA 12" - but since you can no longer contest objectives with vehicles, this is unimportant.  Harlequins got a significant nerf too - clearly in Lenton they are overpowered.

Challenges seem to ahve been added largely to make up for  Lukas the Trickster's shitty writing...Now Lukas can bumfuck Abaddon or other such silliness.

Tau got a massive boost with Night Vision being conferred by Blacksun Filters, instead of the now shitty Acute Senses.  Unfortunately, with Target Locks essentially removed from the Codex, this is a mixed blessing.  Overall, I'd probably say they benefit, but not by a whole lot, still a weaker Codex than anything in Power Armour.

Telion now auto-snipes.

Vulkan doesn't boost his allies, cos that would make sense?  Strangely enough, if you have one Detachment of Salamanders, and one of Counts As Word Bearers from the Space Marine Codex, then he benefits them - just not allied models from a different Codex.  This applies to all such Characters, but his is probably the most important.

Chaos Dreadnoughts, FINALLY, got idiot-proofed in the FAQ.

Just so we're clear, morons - roll the crappy shoot twice result, then check LOS for a valid target.  Point to face said target, so that both weapons are brought to bear.  Resolve shooting attacks.  Simple, no? Exactly as it was in 5th, if only you had read the actual rules...

Still, their Codex is apparently next, so it doesn't matter hugely...

Triarch Praetorians got a buff, but it'd take a lot more to make them good.  Night Scythes got a funky new rule, and Warscythes becoming AP1 probably more than cancels out Entropic Strike getting nerfed to 'meh'dom.

Whip Coils got a boost, as Halberds and Furious Charge no longer get boosted against them.  Luckily, Overwatch.

Purgation Squads and Dreadknights (with Teleporters) got a big buff each, but I still can't really see past the Psyfleman...

Wow.  Even harder nerf for Harlies than I thought - they can no longer benefit from Pain Tokens.  So much for painting the 50-odd I own, time to ebay them I think.  If they couldn't before, then I just never noticed - but it is still bad times.

You can Flickerfield against Dangerous Terrain - but it's still crap since you'll normally have a 5+ Cover for moving anyway, and things that ignore that will blow you up Cover or no, since Open-Topped AV10.

Void Raven got a boost, but Ravagers are still Captain Obvious.

Can't Assault out a Webway Portal, so...what's the point?

Characters that aren't ICs don't give up Pain Tokens.  Yes, this means Mordrak, Mephiston, Chronus, Thawn, Rage'd Tycho etc etc are somehow not worthy kills.  Uh-huh?

The only thing the Daemon FAQ tells us is that Plague Marine Bolters + Tally (20) = fun times for the CSM/CD player.

Unless I missed something, Black Templar Terminators can Sweeping Advance now.

Went back to Tau to check something - it wasn't there.  Extrapolating from other rules though, I surmise that you cannot use Markerlights to increase your BS when using Snap Fire.  This is a nerf by proxy.

Interestingly, you cannot increase the BS of attached Drones, either.  Nerf to non-Marines again.  Joy.

On the plus side, Acts of Faith affect Allies in your unit! On the down side, the Sisters 'Codex' is so shit it got only 1 page of FAQ.

PS - I also found this photo  - which is brilliant in it's stupidity.  Wrong 'to' dumbass...

PPS - Turns out I jumped the gun on Harlies - they are insane.  GW, in a startling display of 'Huh?' highlighted the wrong sentences, and thus left them at 2d6x2 spotting distance, AND with the Cover boost.  They are abso-shitting-lutley great now.  If only GW would let me use them as Troops choices...
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