Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Brief Interlude

SinSynn asked in the comments below whether or not I play any other tabletop games, or have given thought to them.

In addition to my 40k armies (12k Orks, 6k Eldar, 5k Chaos Marines, 2k Blood Angels, about 2k of Dark Angels, around 2k of Scythes of the Emperor) I have a WFB Dark Elves army, though only about 1700 points or so built.  If we count Space Hulk and Blood Bowl, there's those - but the only other one I would describe myself as playing (and I wouldn't actually call myself a WFB player...) is Dystopian Wars, Spartan Games' bizarre Victorian era game of naval, land and air combat.  I'm largely only interested in the naval elements, and haven't bought myself a fleet yet, but I've tested a couple out, and am going to take the plunge soonish - I just want to give 6e 40k a proper dedication of my time and attention first.  Once I've explored it to my satisfaction, I shall buy a FSA force for Dystopian Wars.

The only other 'mainstream' tt game that appeals is Flames of War, but there simply aren't enough players around here to make that viable.  :(

Hope that answers your query.
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