Monday, 11 June 2012

A Pathetic Amount of Pitiful Apathy

Well, we've all seen the video by now, we know that GW have FINALLY revealed to the world what everyone with internet access and the ability to read already knew, 6th Edition comes out this summer. They've pulled a little bit of a fast one, moving the date a week forward from the projected date, but given how long it takes them to get into gear I think this was more misdirection on their part to those providing us with rumours than actually plan-changing, the whole VI thing is the kind of thing they thrive on - 'subtle' hints and 'hilarious' "didn't you notice this in this WD photo 3 months back lololol" comments.

The upshot is, of course, that we get the game at the end of this month, and the fact that I have less than a full month of 5e left to enjoy makes it INCREDIBLY difficult to really give all that much of a fuck about the last ever 5th Edition tournament I'll get to play in, on no less than the 23rd/24th of this month.  That's right, Advance Order day will have the blogosphere all abuzz while I'm off playing games of what has suddenly become a stagnant and unthrilling system.

Up until now, my interest has largely been constant, although my interest in writing about a game system potentially about to be radically overhauled has been on the wane for a while - what benefit is their to me for spending time writing, or you reading, articles about a game that could be entirely wrong or at least obsolete by the time the really good weather starts (a whole week of it sometimes, here in the British Isles) or the snow falls, if Down Under (do you even get snow? It's probably too arid inland, and the coast too warm, right? New Zealanders need not reply, you have the Iron Hills, the Peak of Caradras and various other climes that get snowed on as we all know.)

Speaking of this tournament, I have a practice game Tuesday (ie, tomorrow) that frankly looks a little unappealing since I've been offered alcohol instead.  But, plans are plans, and frankly I don't know if I want the company of all the aforementioned boozers, I'll deal.  Getting bothered is still an ish though, I haven't even looked at my burgeoning TLHF Razorback Turret conversions (eagle-eyed readers will be aware I used Flamestorm turrets, as they look cooler, up until this point - problem being the new list features both, making that impossible.) - I also have to build a Rhino chassis, and a half.

I have little better to do today, but I was ideally looking for something more distracting, I'm really not in the mood to let my mind wander and my brain to do it's whole over-thinking thing.  Ho-hum, needs must, and I'll make an effort I guess.

For those of you wondering, before I go, no I don't care the Queen's been on the throne nearly as long as the Emperor.  I respect her personally, but not the office.  The only Jubilee I ever get excited about is this one:

And that's not any more sexual, she's a well-crafted character, and one of my favs growing up watching the animated series.  Her, Gambit and Rogue.

I swear, if anyone Rule 34's that... :-(
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