Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Not enough for a feline...

One thing I've noted, in my long 'career' of blogging...
Is that it's incredibly easy to get out of the swing of things, and let Other Stuff intervene, and remove any desire and motivation to actually type up articles.

It becomes especially easy to allow commenting on other sites to replace providing commentary on your own, as you can justify it to yourself as self-promotion for future articles, especially when commenting on somewhere much bigger and more popular than your own corner of the web.

It's frustrating, but I have allowed myself to get into another such corner.

Hopefully I can force myself to power through, and blogging about Not Blogging as this post is will help in that regard - but I intend to write more soon...it's just not easy right now.

Let's hope that the next HoP Idol II Challenge can inspire me better than the last one, and drive further spurts of articles here too.

Sad that I get so easily waylaid... :(
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