Monday, 4 May 2009

Finally got the IG Codex

I'd already read it, of course, the interesting bits anyway...but I didn't OWN one until Sunday afternoon when I casually strolled into GW en route to our shiny Sunday Gaming Club at Ru's. Had a decent Cities Of Death battle today, 3 players with 1500 each on either side. First time using CoD, though to be honest we left out the strategems and FoC changes until we got to read them properly - just used a CoD mission and made open ground a 5+ cover for Infantry essentially. Twas an interesting game, though I didn't learn too much about my own force (uber-Council never even got in the fray, apart from a few Fortunes and Dooms)

Fire Prisms did their usual, but weren't exceptionally good...more learnt in a revision sense about the nasty power of JP's 'Nid list...have to give a lot of thought as to how I'll defeat it if we cross paths at Fields Of Blood...
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