Tuesday, 7 July 2009

1850 Point Tourny List for Imperial guard AirCav

Well since this is my first post on the blog, i thought i would start out with a list that i will be running as soon as i buy one more Valkyrie lol. I hope you all enjoy this list as much as i do. For now i will post the list, later one i will go in depth and explain how each and every unit performs in the army. Enjoy

Harakoni Warhawks 31st Division "Helldivers"


Command Squad
Commander, 4 Flamers, Astropath, Carapace

Command Squad #2
Commander, 4 Flamers, Astropath, Carapace


Sergeant, 2 normal Troopers, 2 Meltaguns


6 Veterans with Shotguns, 3 Meltaguns, Carapace

-Fast Attack-

Multilaser, Multirocket Pods

3 Twin Linked Lascannons

Multilaser, Multirocket Pods

This list comes out to 1855 points, in my area we have a 5 point leeway, so in dire need i will drop that one single flamer. comments are very much appreciated.
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